In Australia and the rest of the world, we all understand the importance of a good roof over our heads. It protects both us and our homes. The roof is the one thing between the Australian weather and the safety of your family. It helps protect the windows and doors from the wind, rain and sun and keeps the rain out of the roof space. Many people when they look at their home, fail to look up and only see below the roof line and this can be a big mistake for some. Once water is able to get under your roof, and inside the house, then you are looking at great expense to put it right. That is why we need to take good care of our roofs, so the roof can take good care of us.

The roof on your home is the first line of defense and it’s important to get roofers in Perth, up onto your roof to check that all is OK. The following are some of the many benefits of having a sturdy roof and getting it checked each year or after a particularly bad storm.

  1. Weather Protection – The weather in Perth can vary from day to day. Sometimes it’s extremely hot and other times very rainy. Thankfully, our roofs help protect us and our houses for many years, but it is worth considering performing an annual check to make sure that the roof is up to the task. It may look good looking up, but when your roofer gets up there, he may find small cracks in tiles that you couldn’t see and he may notice some loose tiles as well. These all need to be addressed now, so they don’t cause problems later.
  2. Energy Efficient – It is important that our roofs not only keep a roof over our heads, but that they help keep the home both hot and cold when needed. Our roofs need to be able to reflect heat away from our homes and because of the increased temperatures throughout Australia, this is something you really should discuss with your roofer. You may be able to add a coating to your current roof so it performs this function effectively.
  3. Roof Replacement – In most cases the roof can be repaired, but what if it can’t be. Safety is key and roofs get older with time, the same as us and similarly as your roof gets older, it gets weaker as well. After a while it doesn’t give the same support as it used to and you then start to find leaks, mold, and cracked tiles. Mold may form as a result of this and slow but steady deterioration of the roof structure takes place. Nobody wants their roof to collapse, especially if you and your family are in there sleeping. To avoid the above, ensure that you do regular roof checks and get a qualified roofer to check it for you.

Taking care of the roof of your house is not something you should be second guessing. This is the single biggest investment you have made in your life, so look after your investment.