Flowers are one of the magnificent natural beauties on the earth. The simple existence of flowers can make the atmosphere beautiful and fragrant. But as time passes, flowers wilt and wither, it stinks a lot after wilting. So what’s the solution? How can you keep flowers adorable and last long? Follow some tested and proven tips to make your blooms live longer…

  1. Selection should be wise : Select those flowers who have long lasting characteristics. Some flowers survive for a long time like alstroemerias, zinnias etc. Especially, zinnias can survive for 24 hours without many efforts; only water is needed to be changed in every 2 days. Even roses, the most beautiful and fragrant flower can stay fresh for a week or more than a week if given the right treatment. For keeping them alive for longer time, you need to change the water every few days plus keep the vase clean and place them in a cool spot. Circumstances affect flowers the most. If you want to gift fresh roses to your loved one or friends, it will be a best choice to send roses from They passionately sell a wide variety of rare and exclusive flower species within their collection, including different species of roses.
  1. Be attentive while cutting stems : It is necessary to cut the stems and how you cut is an important part. You need to follow certain time to cut the stems. As per botanists, the best time for cutting stem is morning; before the sun has sucked the moisture from the leaves. Some people prefer to cut the stem in the late afternoon. According to them, it is the time while sugar content of the flower is high. But that terminology has not been proven yet. So morning time is best proven time to cut the stems as during this time flowers are full of excellent substances.

After cutting the stem, let them stand in the bucket of lukewarm water. Do not try to split, crush or hammer the stems, even not the woody one. Because it causes air bubbles which can block the stems and restrict the water to be taken up.

  1. Avoid impure water for use : After cutting the stems, flowers lose their life support system. Warm water use is appropriate than cold because flowers can easily intake warm water. Have you thought about not filling the full bucket with water? The answer is scientific; flowers drink water only through the end of the stems, not through sides so bucket should not be necessarily filled up till the top. Left foliage below water line may pollute the water so it is a necessary to change the water. Because carelessness may cause bacteria and flowers will die early.

Always use clean vase and water. Prefer cutting the stems in a slanting cut. Adding floral preservative is a new hope in preventing the water through multiple bacteria. The preservative includes sugar that will encourage the buds to open. There are some casual approaches too, to help cut flowers stay long. Like adding aspirin or pennies into the water, but trust me; commercial products work best than these all. Simply changing the water every two days regularly can also be very effective. Don’t fill up one bucket with multiple flowers. Allow enough air so that flower can survive. When choosing small stemmed flowers, you should use a small container. Do conditioning to the flowers. Don’t getting? Allow flowers to drink water around four to five hours for better lasting.

Needful tip : If you have a clear vase and want water to stay clean, use soda. Yes, pour about ¼ cup of soda into the water in a vase which is full of blooms.

Blooming flowers drive significant energy. Research says: Placing the flower vase at a workplace can lead to positivity and good results, not a belief! Moreover, it has an ability to keep the atmosphere light and joyous through its refreshing smell. Stay fresh just like flowers!…


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