When it comes to sprucing up your home, sometimes less is more. Rather than attempt a total overhaul, investing in simple and effective updates can make all the difference. Figuring out what updates will be most impactful, though, can be a challenge. Your decision will likely hinge on whether you are interested in making aesthetic upgrades or practical improvements. Sometimes, investing in both can go a long way to boost your house’s value and make it feel more like a home. If you are struggling to decide where to invest in home improvements, consider the following four possibilities.

Each of these is sure to make your home brighter and more welcoming. When you decide which update is right for you and your home, it is important to trust a professional so that you get the best results possible. Partnering with a contractor will help you bring your home’s look to the next level.

Find Some New Fixtures

Investing in new fixtures is the ultimate way to make a simple yet impactful change. People might not specifically notice the update, but they will surely notice its overall impact on the look and feel of your home. Whether you are updating lighting, faucets or hardware, picking out a theme and carrying it throughout your home is an effective way to create a visual flow throughout your whole home. According to House Beautiful Magazine, brushed metal, antique finishes and marble are just few of the most recent home design and décor trends to consider for your new fixtures.

Invest in Home Refinishing

Refinishing your home is another way to subtly yet substantially improve its appearance. Home refinishing can refer to floors, your exterior or other surfaces in your interior. Generally, the process extends the lifetime of the surface, makes it look new and protects it from damage. These benefits are great for your home value, but they are also great for the look of your home, too. Home refinishing can take dull and worn surfaces in your home and make them appear as though they are brand new. The process is simple and efficient when you hire a professional for the job.

Get Into Gardening

Curb appeal is a big part of your home’s value, and the garden is a big part of its curb appeal. If you are gifted with a green thumb this should be easy, but even if you are cursed with the ability to kill any plant, you should take the time to add some leafy accents to your home’s exterior. Doing so can boost your home’s value substantially, and there are plants than even the most uninclined gardeners can manage. Plants can massively upgrade your home’s interior, too, by improving air quality and making your home more welcoming.

Upgrade Your HVAC

Not all improvements are aesthetic. Sometimes the best way to invest in your home is to simply make it more comfortable, and there is no better way to do that than to upgrade your HVAC unit. Whether It is winter and you need heat or summer and you are craving cool, an effective HVAC unit is likely the most valuable asset your home can have. It is important to invest in regular maintenance and service, too, to ensure that your unit continues to run well. This can help you avoid damage and other costly expenses later on.

Improving your home is easy when you choose simple updates that have a big impact. Investing in the look of your home or its practical amenities can even wield great returns in the form of a boost to its value. Consider these improvements, and when it’s time to make the leap, trust a contractor to handle the job.