Greenhouses are ideal for residential gardeners that wish to start their own plants from seeds before placing them in the ground. It is important to build the right size for the space that you have available. Include some hanging rails for flowering hanging baskets as well. During non-seasonal frost periods, hanging baskets will be kept safe from the cold elements.

Choose a Wide Open Space

You should select a space in your yard that is not restricted by trees or any type of shading. The greenhouse needs full sun to work properly. Consider trimming trees that may be in the way and cut back any overgrown shrubbery that may be in the way.

When deciding on the location, there should be no shrubbery, sharp objects or trees within 24-inches from the greenhouse. During periods of high-winds, the space between the greenhouse and trees will help prevent puncturing the sides.

Allow for Enough Height

It is ideal to allow at least 3-feet above your head for the greenhouse space. You want to be able to walk through without hitting your head or having to duck. The extra height also allows you to have more shelving and multiple levels of hanging rails for baskets and starter hanging bags.

Reinforce Ground Stakes

Make the extra effort for stability and durability during storms by reinforcing the ground stakes. This will require a bit of excavation to create footings that are at least 12-inches deep. Concrete will need to be poured and set to keep the stakes stable. For a project like this, you may need to consider a small home or personal loan due to the cost. You can go to this website to see what options for loans are available to you to tackle this project.

It is a good idea to place stakes every 4 to 6-feet for added strength. Plan the location of your stakes in accordance with the width of the shelving you plan to use inside the greenhouse.

Reinforce Interior Shelving

When putting your shelving in place, it is ideal to anchor it to your base stakes. These are reinforced into the ground with concrete and can withstand the extra tension. If you are using metal shelving and ground stakes, it is a good idea to weld the connecting points for additional strength.

Shelving that is stainless steel is a good option since it will not rust when exposed to wet weather. It is also able to withstand drastic changes in temperature without weakening. Wood shelf bases are okay, as long as there are holes or spaces between boards to allow for water drainage after watering everything each day.

Greenhouses help cut down grocery costs and open up opportunities to grow more vegetables at home. You can use greenhouses to start fruit trees, flower bulbs and hanging baskets as well. Consider leaving a small space inside for a potting and planting stand. You can store planting soil, plant food, containers and a garden spade all on the planting stand for convenience.


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