With the holiday season knocking at the door, it’s once again the time for many to deck out homes in the festive spirit. A lot of homeowners are planning a makeover to welcome the New Year on a happy note.  Those who have recently transitioned into new homes are looking for ideas on latest interior designs. So, what are the new trends in home décor for the coming year? The paragraphs below share the top 4 home design trends suggested by interior experts for 2018.

Start with Colors

2017 has been mostly about muted palettes, neutrals and earthy tones. Interestingly, many expect the coming year will represent a polar shift and be more focused on vivid and bolder shades. Deep blues, burnt orange, mustard, and fuchsia are expected to largely rule the charts in the coming year. For those seeking a plush look, velvet textures will make a fantastic option. According to several home décor experts, white hues will dominate a large part of the 2018 color palette. Deep purplish red & wine accents will duly make a spectacular contrast with white paints for those looking to make a bold statement.

Minimalist and Elegant Designs

For some, less is truly more. 2018 will likely witness a surge of smart retro-modern style in furniture, defined by Scandinavian themes. The main stress will be on minimalist cuts and shapes, accentuated by slightly curved edges. The idea is to retain simplicity all across the home without compromising elegance. Metal furniture is expected to make it’s way into homes in a big way, stylized with wooden accoutrements. And when it comes to metals, for many brass is just the thing to add the needed dose of class to a home. Think about brass legs on a wooden table, a brass-framed mirror, and so on. Brass for light fixtures is expected to be a cool trend as well.

Some home owners put a lot of effort into making the interior design of their home truly spectacular. Pennsylvania home builder Robert K. Ace Jr had this to say about client’s design choices and cues, “I’m often shocked at the end result after people add their personal design touches. We strive to build a beautiful home for everyone, and we’re successful at that. But some people really take it to a much higher level of comfort and style after we’ve finished our work.”

More Focus on Energy Efficiency

With each passing day, the world is getting more conscious about saving it’s natural resources and the market is rushing to accommodate. The home improvement market is trying to address these concerns in its own intelligent way. According to interior design and home improvement experts, smart lighting and water-saving appliances are fast making their way into the home décor space more and more. Smart lighting options allow families to control the lighting systems remotely from apps. This way, unwanted energy waste is prevented when family members unmindfully keep the lights on.

On another green front, high efficiency toilets and low volume water fixtures are great at conserving water. Low consumption toilets and shower fixtures both use much less water. Low water volume shower heads and faucets with tankless hot water heaters provide warm water instantly, only when needed. Because the warm water flow is “on demand”, you no longer have to run the hot water for a period of time to actually get hot water out. This prevents unnecessary water use and the associated energy consumption that comes from heating large amounts of water that just sits in a tank for many hours and may need reheating later.

Natural Materials

Experts believe the coming year will also see increasing use of natural materials for home décor. Lava rock and shells are two of the most popular options right now. Glass has been and continues to be another popular choice. It is often popular and seen in tile choices, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Another interesting trend, interior designers are increasingly focusing on artsy pieces made from bone. Jute rugs are in and will render a unique aura to a living space. Finally, many want to complete the natural look with beautiful indoor plants such as Ferns or Birds of Paradise. It seems the design palette grows by the day and will continue to do so throughout 2018.

As you can see there are many new trends and great ideas out there to refresh your sanctuary and make it more inviting and beautiful in the coming year. Just remember, every trend won’t be suitable for all homes. As home builder Tyler Haydt of Future Homes shares, “If you are looking to remodel, always choose the design cues that fit your specific tastes, home, and lifestyle. You’ll spend less over time and be more likely to have a timeless space that’s always inviting for you and your family.” We hope this small sampling of trends will inspire some smart ideas for your home décor makeover plans in the coming year.