Let’s talk about the benefits of adding solar power to your home. With all the news about solar energy being the big thing in ‘going green’, it’s time to learn more.

We will cover five of the biggest benefits of going solar. Solar energy can come from solar panels and solar attic fans, among other solar powered appliances within in the home.


  1. 20 and 30 watt attic fans are two of the choices for adding a solar powered attic fan to your home.
  2. They provide up to 30% more power resulting in greater air circulation
  3. Reducing attic temperature works to save and make the life of roofing and attic

construction material last longer

  1. 20 watt attic fans ventilate up to 2,400 square feet, and 30 watt up to 2,800 square feet
  2. Running an attic fan will work to reduce the chance of harmful moisture which lowers

the amount of mold and mildew that can grow


  1. Save thousands of dollars. Need we say more? Solar panels may amount to a monthly savings of well above $100 in most states
  2. Solar power can increase your home value, by making your home more desirable and lowering your electricity cost. Homes with solar panels will sell 20% faster and for 17% more money. THe average price of homes increased by $17,000 with solar panels.
  3. Solar energy is good for the environment. U.S. comes in at second place in annual carbon dioxide emissions of 17.9%, and clean electricity that is produced by solar panels will reduce your carbon footprint. In 20 years you can reduce carbon dioxide by 100,000 lbs. with the use of a solar powered system.
  4. Solar is a renewable and sustainable form of energy.
  5. Sun shines will always be available as a free form of renewable energy, that doesnt cause pollution.
  6. Solar power is flexible, and it’s possible to have solar panels in different places without having to run wires. Solar power will get more affordable and practical in the future, and the use of solar energy in remote areas is very practical.


Solar powered energy has many benefits for the homeowner and the world. It can save the homeowner thousands of dollars a year, and it will increase the value of the home if it goes up for sale.

Solar powered energy will help to save the world by cutting down the pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. It is renewable and sustainable source of energy.

Solar attic fans will help to conserve energy that the house uses. Solar fans create better air circulation in the attic to reduce the attic temperature which in turn will help preserve and extend the life span of the roofing and attic construction materials.