Which jobs earn the most?

Although money doesn’t guarantee job satisfaction when it comes to careers there’s no doubt that it has a part to play. But which jobs are you most likely to get those bumper earnings in? It’s difficult to measure those who are self employed or earning their cash via celebrity fame but if you want to know which employed jobs will earn you some of the best salaries around below are a few of the top positions. So if you’re struggling on your current income and having to borrow to make ends meet maybe you should consider changing career. Tht way you may never have to look for a bad credit loans again or rely on no credit check loans again. You just might start to have some financial freedom.

  1. Brokers

It’s no secret that working in the City is a passport to sky high earnings. Many brokers earn pretty good basic salaries – and then on top of that have eye-wateringly huge bonuses to take home at the end of the year too. This is a job that comes in a range of different forms, from stockbrokers to foreign exchange dealers and insurance brokers. If this is a role that appeals to you then the good news is that you don’t need specific training to get in on the ground floor. Most employers will require a degree of some sort but you’ll predominantly be learning (at speed) on the job.

  1. Marketing directors

Marketing is one growth area that isn’t likely to slow down any time soon. So, if you’re aiming for the big bucks then making it to the top of the tree in a marketing role is a great goal to have. Of course, no one starts out as a marketing director so you’ll need to claw your way up from the ground floor of the marketing team. Starting positions usually require at least a degree but you can acquire experience along the way. The smart money is on digital marketing for those who want to ensure that their skill set has some serious longevity.

  1. Pilots

There’s a lot of money in having a skill that others just don’t possess and being a pilot is just one of those skills. Opt for aircraft or helicopters, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still end up in one of the highest earning jobs. If you’re flying for celebrities on private planes and helicopters then you shoot straight to the top of the earnings tree. At entry level pilots need maths, English, science and a couple of languages and qualifications at least to A-Level. You’ll need a private pilot’s licence and 170 hours of flight time before you can start training as a commercial pilot (as well as a Class 1 medical certificate).  Qualification as a commercial pilot requires 1,500 hours of flying time and the purchase of a licence.

  1. Lawyers

Whether you’re working in-house at a big company or you’re in private practice being a lawyer is a very lucrative role. Salaries are high and so are bonuses but be prepared to work pretty long hours if you’re looking for the highest paid positions. You’ll need to meet basic legal academic standards – obtained at university and law school – and then do two years training within a firm before you can qualify and start really earning.

  1. The medical profession

Salaries vary depending on whether you choose public or private healthcare but they are still pretty high across the board compared to many other professions. GPs, anesthetists, surgeons and emergency care professionals have a high take home pay. In return for that you’ll have to commit to long hours and some pretty significant responsibilities. Getting in to the medical profession is tough – six years or more to get a medical degree – and then progressing up through the hierarchies in hospitals to the bigger salaries takes patience and stamina.