A healthy lawn is an important thing in most homes. For most homeowners, they need it looking its best because it represents the outdoor space of their home and thus should have a curb appeal. As such, the yard needs adequate lawn care to improve and maintain its look. Failure to provide this, the yard will have grass that’s battling for space and food with weeds while trying to survive a host of bugs and other problems.

The secret to keeping it green is to put into practice the basic considerations, and this helps in ensuring that the maintenance goals are reached. Much of what needs to be done should not have to be tasking; it is possible to have a lawn that looks healthy and beautiful with little effort.

Three things take center stage when it comes to caring for a lawn efficiently. You have to consider the soil, the type of grass, and how to prevent weed and bug invasions. Besides these three, you also need to complement them with other things such as watering and feeding the grass as well as mowing the overgrowth. Observe these things can you will have a yard that looks green and stays healthy in and out of season.

  1. Soil – Get It Right From The Get-Go

First off understand that nothing good can sprout in poor soil, not even quality grass; this is the most fundamental thing to have in mind when it comes to lawn care. Any improvements that can be done, even for a battered yard, will have to take into account the soil. If the soil is healthy, then the grass will also be healthy. The ground in question should have the right nutrients and adequate oxygen levels, hence the need to aerate it before planting and periodically even have the grass as grown.

Aeration helps prevent it from becoming compacted which lessens water absorption. Compact soil makes it hard for grass to reach deep into the ground and feed. It prevents the roots from reach the nutrients and water thus leading to weak grass. At times, the issues of aeration can be due to a lot of thatching resulting from not raking the lawn after mowing. The presence of too much thatch also encourages insect and disease infestation.

  1. Kill Competition – Eliminate Weeds Before They Sprout

Every homeowner will have a sore eye for weeds once they note them growing. Battling these unwanted plants can at times feel like a losing battle especially if they keep sprouting back. The most effective way of dealing with them is to take preventive action. The use of pre-emergent herbicides can help keep the weeds at bay.

Consider applying these herbicides during the early mornings mostly around spring time when the moisture content is high given the grass better resistance to the chemicals as the substance kill the weeds. Always follow the instructions on the packaging when doing the weed control. Also, part of your efforts should include routine inspection for any unwanted plants that do manage to sprout and uprooting them and disposing of them properly.

  1. Spruce The Grass – Mow High And Frequently

More often than not, most people will opt to cut their grass short with the notion that it saves them time and energy. They will not have to more frequently since the grass will take some time to grow back. However, this only works against the desire to improve how the lawn looks. Moving very look dents the aesthetics of your green while leaving plenty of room for weed growth.

The best approach is to allow the grass to grow tall enough for you to higher. Do not think ill of having to do this frequently, and you have to if you want to maintain a yard that looks green and healthy. The rule of thumb is to limit the grass trimming to about a third of the blades’ growth. A mower with sharp blades will not only make the job easy, but it also prevents you from tearing or fraying the grass.  So, always check the blades to ensure they are sharp before moving.

  1. Keep It Healthy – Regularly Water And Feed The Lawn

As mentioned before, the soil should be nutrient-rich to supply the grass with food. However, the yard will also need enough water for it to stay green and healthy. Irrigate the lawn regularly, the best time being during the early morning hours (just before dawn). Avoid watering the grass in the evening or at night because this can result in excess moisture due to the prolonged water presence. It also encourages the appearance of a plethora of diseases and promotes their spread.

Regarding feeding your lawn, a bit of fertilizer now and then is good for your grass. It ensures that the yard has all the nutrients it needs to have its lush green appearance. Adding some nitrogen to the soil is essential thus give priority to nitrogen-based fertilizers and apply them when aerating your lawn.

  1. Patch It Up – Reseed Sparse Areas

At times, some sections of the yard will have grasses that are unable to keep up with the rest. A lawn with sparse areas is unsightly. Improvement can be made by reseeding these parts, and this should be done during fall. In your efforts to lush up the scattered sections of your lawn, do not use pre-emergent herbicides during the reseeding; it prevents the grass seedling from growing since they are still as a tender stage of development. Consider improving the soil in the patches may aerating them and adding suitable fertilizers before you reseed.

About Tools For DIY Lawn Care

Most homeowners prefer the DIY approach to caring and improving their lawns. The success of their efforts is not only pegged on being informed on what to do but also to have the right tools for the job and the knowing the basics of using the equipment. Also, they should be cleaned and stored correctly after use. Any of the cutting equipment should be sharp, and those with metal part washed to remove dirt, oiled and stored in a dry place to prevent them from rusting.

The use of the right tool is essential to not only making the work easier but also to avoid damaging the grass. Some of the tools need for lawn care include a rake, hand spade, mower, string trimmer, grass stitcher, lawn spreader, shears, hose, edge, lawn broom leaf blower, and sprayer among others.

If you are not into taking things into your hand, then consider hiring Ziehler Lawn Care to help maintain and improve your lawn. They have in-depth knowledge of how to handle different types of grass and the best lawn care product to use for a green and healthy-looking yard.