When you talk to a realtor in Naperville IL to discuss the possibility of a dream home, your mind immediately goes to all the things you can do decor-wise. This includes the bedroom themes for your kids. Traditionally, girls are all about pinks, boys are all about blues, and the go-to neutral is rubber-ducky yellow. Ick. The truth is, there are more options out there for neutral theme ideas in your kiddo’s bedroom. Below are 5 theme ideas to get you started.

Skies, Clouds, and the Stars at Night

When done correctly, your child’s bedroom could resemble the ceilings of a planetarium. Does your kiddo love the summer skies? Or the evening heavens? Pick a time of day and model their bedroom walls after that. Or, do a dip-dye fade that goes from sunset colors [with sunshine] to darker tones [with stars] from bottom to top. Dot the ceilings with glow-in-the-dark stars!

Board Game Inspirations

Candyland? Chutes and Ladders? Or, even the board game version of Plants Vs. Zombies? If your children love board games, but you hate cleaning them up and losing the pieces, invest in a few picture frames. Hang the game boards like pictures, with pieces in a zip-lock bag that is taped to the back of the frame [hidden from view].

Kings, Wizards, and Fair Maidens

Kings, wizards, and fair maidens are classic theme concepts for kids that love the idea of princesses and knights. This theme idea would be a great one for big beds, because you can turn the bed into a canopied kingdom, complete with flowy elements for the interior covers, and faux stonework for the headboard and bed frame.

All Colors, All the Time

If your youngster loves ALL colors, go rainbow with their bedroom motif. Sure, you could actually do a complete rainbow on a vase or lamp, but otherwise use the colors separately. Maybe purple walls here, a red rug there, and so on. Bring the elements and colors of a rainbow together without actually displaying rainbows everywhere.

DIY for the Creative Kids

You could always give your kiddo free reign to do whatever they want in their room. Handprints dipped in paints and spread across the walls is a great idea for crafty kids. But they could also incorporate their own artworks, framed and hanging up in collage collectives around the bedroom.

It’s exciting to get your kiddos involved in the renovation and interior décor work of their bedrooms. Not only could it be a bonding experience for your whole family, but it also gives kids the opportunity to be expressive and creative in their own space.