If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling, whether it’s scratch or simply to update a few boring areas and give it a fresh coat of paint and cabinetry, here are some modern trends you can get inspired by.

Millennials around the country inspired by the work of top lifestyle designers, have decided that gray walls and white cabinets are the way for kitchens to go in 2017. Some classic old pieces like the cast iron rustic sink have been brought back into fashion. Kitchen islands, granite counter tops, porcelain and ceramic tiles have been some of the other favorites now a day.

Here’s a look at some of the trends that stand out particularly:

  1. Contrast is in

Designers are calling this trend the ‘Tuxedo’. It basically means a contrasting color palette for the kitchen. This could be black and white, navy blue and soft gray or any other combination. Apply the Tuxedo palette to your upper and lower cabinets. The walls have their own trends. If you’ve wished to do something different with the sink than the usual stainless steel or white, give it a pop of color.

Meanwhile, if you are going all out with the kitchen up gradation, consider getting yourself some of the updated cabinets with modern and practical hardware – cabinet handles replaced by responsive hydraulic drawers and doors that shut at the touch of a button.

  1. Get Yourself a Smart Kitchen

This is the age of the Internet: smart homes with devices that talk to one another. There’s the Egg Minder app and egg tray to monitor how many eggs are left. There’s a trash can that opens when you wave. Keep the Dash button around so that you can immediately order groceries from Amazon when you run out, with a tap of the button. A host of smart decanters, crock pots, juicers, plates, coffee makers and fridges with LCD screens to re-stock your fridge are waiting to populate your kitchen and make life easier and more interesting this year.

  1. Custom White Cabinets Are Fantastic

If you don’t like the contrasting cabinet trend, you can always go all-white. Classic all-white cabinetry has not gone out of style. In fact, it is currently much more popular than wood finishes and darker colors. As is evident from the trends, people are adopting, the modern kitchen that have plenty of space, brightness, durability in the form of solid granite counter tops, open kitchen islands and minimalist colors.

  1. Go Gray-Chic with the Walls

While Tuxedo or white are great for the cabinets, recent surveys have found that young Millennials are more likely to choose gray for walls. Baby boomers, on the other hand, seem to prefer a classic beige wall.

  1. Storage is still important

Homeowners have placed a strong emphasis on storage in the kitchen these days. With smaller kitchens and space crunch in apartments, maximizing kitchen space has never been more important. Modern kitchen furniture designers have come up with a variety of clever designs to get more space out of your kitchen, such as multi-tiered drawers.

While you’re doing your kitchen renovations, stay away from some old trends that are already looking old-fashioned. These include dark-wood finishes on cabinets and speckled counter tops. While quality in counter tops is of the foremost importance and granite has not become unfashionable yet, many homeowners prefer marble and quartz. The idea is to create an airy, open kitchen that is practical, modern and a cozy extension of the rest of the home. Do make it simple, tidy and organized.