A garden patio not only adds to your living space, it provides the perfect area for those summer evenings. With large patio doors, you can walk out of your lounge into a completely new world, bringing your garden and home together.

Concrete base and finish

A few years ago, your patio would have a suitable concrete base, and then slabs or tiles would be laid on a bed of wet cement. This can be quite expensive, however, with the modern technology of today, these two jobs can be combined into one, and you can still achieve the desired look. With stencils, a paved or slate impression can be applied to the concrete, giving you the right style for a fraction of the cost. Whatever you colour choice, the concrete can be mixed with chemical dyes to produce the right shade. An added bonus is the garden furniture you so badly want can now be purchased with the money you saved by not using expensive stone or slate covering. So, if you are planning on adding a patio to your garden, and are looking for stencilled concrete in Melbourne, a quick online search will reveal a reputable supplier who can arrange for your patio to be completed in no time with a considerable saving.

Driveways and surrounding areas

Apart from patios, concrete solutions are the perfect choice for other areas, especially driveways. With a wide range of colours and natural looking finishes, one can really transform the exterior of any home, adding value to the property at the same time.

Exposed aggregate

Apart from stenciled finishes, there are a number of other options to choose from, such as, exposed aggregate. This style offers great grip, which is an important safety factor, and comes in a variety of finishes with pebble, crushed stone, or a shell finish. Another benefit to exposed aggregate is the rugged finish, which is hard-wearing and resistant to heavy traffic and weather extremes.

Concrete staining

This option gives you a wider choice of colours and textures. Colours can also be combined to give your driveway a unique look, with the added benefit that the colour will not fade, as it is mixed throughout the entire batch, rather than added to the surface, so there is no colour loss with surface wear and tear. Your driveway will remain in pristine condition if a sealant is applied very couple of years, protecting the surface against wear and tear, and weather conditions.

Resurfacing concrete

If you already have a concrete driveway that is cracked or discoloured, it is possible to add a concrete overlay. Apart from concealing cracks and flaws, an overlay can be stamped or coloured to completely change the appearance of the existing surface. With any concrete overlay, it is advisable to consult an expert who will tell you if the area is suitable for an overlay, as sometimes the underlying ground will need to be repaired, otherwise the new concrete surface will also become damaged.

Whatever your needs, concrete provides a perfect solution, with so many colours and textures to choose from, giving you a hard-wearing surface that is easy to maintain.


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