Planning to hire a landscaping designer or gardener for your home improvement project? You’re about to make a good choice. A landscape designer or gardener is skilled when it comes to all things garden. And now that you’re about to make your choice, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost. So what does landscaping really cost? Let’s find out.

What does landscaping cost?

With vast range of variation, defining the accurate cost for landscaping is not possible. Your landscape contract from will help you by explaining where your money will be spent. If you stick to the advice of your trusted landscape contractor, you will surely find it easier to have a sensitive understanding of landscaping costs.

Here’s one thing to remember- a larger landscape contractor may have to charge their customers VAT on top of the actual price of the job. However, you can make sure that there are no hidden fees for any unnecessary job as long as you work with a trusted landscape designer such as Amico.

Amico specializes in garden design services and garden maintenance and they are committed at providing quality garden care and horticultural reports in order to ensure a gorgeous and well-maintained garden without requiring you to do the hardwork.

A Guide To Landscaping Cost

Here’s a set of guidelines to follow when dealing with your landscape contractor about the cost.

Don’t ask for cash discounts to spare yourself from VAT. As much as possible, you need to keep the transaction at an official level in order to protect you as lack of paperwork and cash payments can make it hard for you to secure a warranty. At the same time, it also mirrors poorly on the landscaping contractor if payments are done through a brown paper bag.

Get the details in writing. Expect a full set of typed quotation of estimate that includes all the information you have to know about the project cost. The paperwork should reflect your specification and should have supporting information such as the terms and conditions, a code of conduct, a copy of the insurance certification, schedule of works and other relevant data.

Know that the quotation is binding by law. This means that it is a fixed price. It may only vary if you ask your landscaping contractor to provide materials or services that are not included in the question. A quotation is the safest way to go because it will assure you that there will be no extra charges to pay and any mistakes that could happen will be responsibly addressed and compensated by the contractor.

It is important to note estimates are supplied in particular situations where a project could not be definable. Should you agree to obtain an estimate, make sure that you know where the variation might occur.

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