Here is a quick guide to replacing the blinds within your home which is usable by those looking to buy blinds for the first time as well as those hoping to learn how to fit, repair and care for their existing blinds.

To Replace or Repair?

When deciding whether to replace existing blinds, it is worth beginning by asking yourself: do my blinds really need replacing? If the reason you are replacing existing blinds, for example, is because they are broken or in need of repair it might be worth simply having your blinds repaired – or even learning to repair them yourself.

Not only is this likely to save you money, learning to repair your own blinds can save on having to spend any money what so ever. Further, you can learn how to repair most types of blinds, including venetian and Roman varieties (which are two of the most popularly purchased within the UK) via the Terry’s Fabrics’ Online Blinds Buying Guide.

Different Types of Blinds: Which to Choose?

There are many different types of blinds to choose from with roller, venetian, roman and vertical all proving massively popular options here in the UK. Further, because each type is suited to different purposes, rooms and for different uses, it is worth taking some time to explore your options ahead of hitting the shops or placing an order. To do this and to avoid becoming overwhelmed, not only at the varieties out there but myriad of colours and materials many o the types available are also available to purchase in, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with your options online.

Fortunately, doing this is easy; simply head over to the UK Blinds and Shadings website to view a broad range of every type of home blind available her in the UK and get browsing. The UK Blinds and Shadings website is a particularly good place to start your search for the perfect blinds because you can also shop for and learn more about both manual and motorised varieties as well as view a wide selection of shadings, which could prove a better option for you, depending on the use you intent to put them too.

How to Fit Every Kind of Blind

Learning how to fit whatever type of blinds you opt to purchase yourself is something more and more people are doing these days, and not just because of the cost of forking out to have somebody fit your blinds for you is pricey; even if you can afford to pay someone to fit your blinds for you, by saving on doing so you can then use that extra money to look at buying higher quality blinds and so broaden your search criteria. This can also mean affording to purchase blinds of a higher quality which will in turn last longer and wear better, ensuring the aesthetics of a room or home as well as saving you on having to have blinds repaired or replaced sooner.

Then, to learn how to put up and as well take down blinds and so replace them, head over to the Fix My Blinds website. Providing free to watch video guides to fittings all types of blinds, this website is a must bookmark one for anyone who owns blinds or is planning to implement them within their home.

How to Maintain and Care for Blinds

Finally, to ensure your new blinds stay as good as new for as long as possible, it is important to learn how to care for them, clean them appropriately and use them without damaging them. This is especially true if you have previously had curtains up or nets and are not used to using and maintaining blinds as they of course require a different approach to curtains and nets.

So, to learn how to keep your new blinds spic, span and working smoothly, give the advice provided via the Hillary’s website a read. Taking a moment to read up on how to maintain your blinds could, after all, save you money in the long term otherwise spent having your blinds repaired or replaced and ensure you get the most wear from them.


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