The concept is rather straightforward.

You place waterproof tiling on the walls and floors, install a slightly sloped drain, and refit the fixtures in a more free-flowing manner.

So what’s the big deal with wet rooms? Why have wet rooms stormed the bathroom renovation arena as of late?

Mainstream bathroom redecorations normally convey an equitable pound-for-pound yield, which means that every pound you invest gets transferred back into your home’s appraisement rate, but wet room conversions can actually award you with an ROI harvest of 170 per cent or more.

Profiting from a Wet Room Overhaul – Aesthetically and Financially

Preferred builders in York can engineer wet rooms that can only be defined as beyond belief and wondrous, but here are some design pointers to mull over before conferring with an expert:

  • Warm-coloured tiles are in high demand and they respond very well to en-suite sunlight from windows, but consider geometric patterns as opposed to standard squares.
  • For top-floor wet rooms, a skylight or overhead porthole is very tempting because natural top-down lighting is charmingly captivating and adds some serious value to your ROI.
  • Built-in watertight storage tidies the space in a minimalist fashion and keeps your towels dry and toasty.

Integrated seating, glass barriers, and wood accents are other elements that you should ponder during your layout consultation.

How Much Does It Cost to Implement a Well-Furnished Wet Room?

To get a precise, on-the-nose quote, you’ll have to arrange a toll-free site analysis, but it’s worth noting that a wall-to-wall wet room installation generally runs less than half of the cost of a typical kitchen reformation, which makes it one of the most pennywise projects.