Mastering a Tight Squeeze When MoviNo matter if you’re moving to or from Manalapan, NJ, you’re probably not looking forward to dealing with big, bulky furniture.

Moving couches and other large items is not only tiring but also frustrating as you try to maneuver them through small doorways. Access Self Storage has some tips to make moving everything easier on you.

Measure the furniture beforehand.

It’s not going to be fun when you realize that something won’t fit through the door even at bizarre angles. Before you move your furniture, measure it and the doorway.

Once you have the measurements, you’ll know if you can move your furniture easily or if you’ll need to tweak some things to make it happen.

Remove the door from the hinges.

Sometimes all it takes is removing the door from its hinges to get the couch through. You only need a screwdriver to remove the screws from the hinges.

Once they’re off, set the door out of the way. You’ll still need to be careful when moving the couch through the doorway to prevent denting or scuffing the door frame.

Take the furniture apart.

If you remove the feet from the couch and take off all the cushions, you might be able to squeeze it through the doorway much easier.

Taking the furniture apart as much as possible and removing the door from the frame may be the only way to get it through the entrance.

If you remove the excess pieces and still have trouble, try to move your furniture through another opening such as a window or sliding glass patio door.

Storage Units to the Rescue

With self storage, you’ll have a dedicated spot for your belongings. Thanks to wide entrances, you’ll never have to break your back turning your couch at different angles to fit it through the doorway.

Storage units Columbus come in many different sizes to fit a few chairs or several rooms worth of furniture. No matter what you need to store, our location in Columbus provides the space to keep your stuff sheltered for the short or long term.