When it comes to designing our homes interiors, we usually go for a style that will work all year round. Many homes are designed with a neutral colour palette, and the personal touches are added through accessorising and furnishings. The beauty of designing your rooms around a neutral palette is that you have the ability to include a wide variety of colour into your design throughout the year. Introducing darker reds, greens and browns over the Christmas period is always a great way of capturing the festive spirit. Similarly, when those warmer summer days roll in, you can introduce bright, exciting colours to create a lively, summery style. Here are a few ways in which you can add a touch of summer to your kitchens current style.

Summery designs are made up around the saying ‘less is more’, you don’t want to overdo it, go for a minimalist approach with subtle yet elegant additions to inject summer into your current design. When you look at your kitchens current design and style, it’s best to decide what works best. Colour is key in adding any summery touch to a room. If you feel your kitchen units are looking tired or maybe bring your kitchens tone down slightly, you could look at replacing them. You don’t have to spend too much, there are so many cheap kitchen units available and you’ll notice a huge difference in ho9w your kitchen looks and feels. If you feel that you want to replace any appliances, now would be a perfect time. Introducing new appliances or utensils to your kitchen will brighten up the space, as well as create a new, fresh feel. This is exactly the kind of feel you want to create a summery atmosphere.

Your personal style is key in any designing process. You don’t want to design a room that isn’t going to reflect or suit your personality. Having your kitchen already designed to the way you like it, additional items such as art work, paintings and photographs are perfect for capturing your personal style as well as brightening up the area. Artwork is great as you can purchase a piece that bursts with life, colour and style, whilst not introducing anything permanent. For example, if you painted a wall red to add a little colour, it would take a lot longer to replace if you became tired of the colour. Whereas, a beautiful piece of artwork can be taken down at any point if you find it goes out of fashion or you simply want to find a different piece. Having artwork in a room adds instant character and personality to a room, especially in the kitchen where many social gatherings often end up. Introducing colour to your kitchen will revive the décor, whilst also adding a summery burst, which will add positivity and style to your room.

One item that is always associated with summer is the elegance of beautiful fresh flowers. There’s nothing that stands out more than a beautiful arrangement of bright, fresh flowers. You can display flowers in so many different ways, through a small arrangement on your window sill, to larger arrangements in elegant vases or pots. Fresh flowers will inject a burst of life to your kitchen, as well as providing a beautifully fresh scent. Perfect house flowers range from the likes of Lilies, Roses and Orchids and you can find so many beautiful arrangements or even create your own.


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