Lucky as we are to live in this golden age of home décor, the subject of how to best spruce up one’s outdoor patio and garden area is a topic of great debate. There are all manner of different ways to enhance your outdoor living area, depending on the overall look and feel you’re attempting to create.

One decorating idea which is nearly always a smash, however, is an outdoor conservatory. With its gleaming glassy frame, luxurious indoor area, and keen position in the midst of your grassy green garden area, conservatories mark the perfect marriage of indoor comfort and outdoor beauty.

This quick look at some of the most popular conservatories in Yorkshire can help you get started in deciding which type best fits your vision of décor loveliness.

Victorian and Edwardian Conservatories

At their best, conservatories serve as a bridge between pastoral beauty and the elegance and comfort of home life. That is just one reason why conservatories have been popular for centuries, and some of these designs have truly lasted the test of time. Adding a Victorian or Edwardian-influenced conservatory can be a great way to bring touch of ageless elegance to your home. Both Victorian and Edwardian conservatories make use of geometrical precision in their design, with Victorian models embracing curved and sometimes multi-angled ends and utilising three to five facets with ornate roof space, while Edwardian structures tend to be more rectangular in design and maximise the amount of available space inside them.

Gabled Conservatories

Evoke the worlds of Wives and Daughters, Howards End, and Anne of the Green Gables! For a conservatory which combines the best of Victorian ornateness with Edwardian spaciousness, gables can be a great way to go. They are also among the most recognisable types of conservatories, with their rectangular design and distinctive peaked roofs. The windows of gables are raised to the roof, giving the entire space a more open feeling. Gables are thus a great option if you want to really take advantage of natural sunlight to light your conservatory.

Lean-to Conservatories

Maybe you want a nice conservatory area for your outdoor design aesthetic, but a full-on gable or Victorian structure is a bit too old-fashioned and formal. If that’s the case, consider adding a lean-to design. These are typically far more casual, with a freer, simpler design aesthetic which likewise makes use of a sun roof. In short, a lean-to is a great example of a conservatory with a more relaxed feel.

Combination Conservatories

These are all quite distinct types of conservatories, but suppose you want to mix and match styles? If you want to take advantage the best of every type, you might consider looking into a custom combination conservatory. Want to combine the casual feel of a lean-to with the massive windows of a gable? Or perhaps you’d like to evoke the world of 1901 and take the best from both Victorian and Edwardian styles?

There is no limit to the number of brilliant and beautiful design ideas possible with an incredible home conservatory!