Surface solutions for driveways and walks come in a variety of choices. Therefore, you can be creative when installing a driveway or other type of pavement on your property.

For example, you can choose from the following:

  • Resin-bound surfaces are offered in a full range of colours and are a permeable solution for a driveway, walking path, or patio.
  • Driveway and paving services in Pudsey install resin-bonded surfaces when drainage is not a problem. This cost-efficient alternative is offered in place of a resin-bound pavement.
  • Tarmac may be applied for residences when used with paving blocks and cobbles. Adding the materials enhances the visual appeal.

Paving for a Driveway or Patio

Besides the specialised surfaces listed above, paving is also offered which can complement the exterior of either a contemporary or traditional dwelling. The surface is provided in a wide range of materials and colours. In fact, paving can be created with various shades and paving materials, and, therefore, customised to your preferences and needs. Paving works are offered in permeable options and bespoke designs as well.

Are You Converting Your Garden?

If you choose to use block paving but have drainage issues, you should review some of the permeable paving options online. Permeable paving is an ideal solution for converting a garden to a hardscape.

The level of maintenance that is needed is based on the paving material. For example, while granite needs little attention, other products may require more service to retain their appearance. However, you still do not have to limit your choice in this respect. All paving materials are considered low-maintenance and can be cleaned with a hose or jet-washed to keep them looking their best.