The living room is one of the easiest construction projects that you can get involved with when it comes to a remodeling job. It’s like a blank slate, giving you a way to paint and decorate with ease as the living room is usually in a basic shape that makes it easier to work with. If you like to relax, then make a reading nook in the room. This would include a comfortable chair that sits next to a large window or a lamp that gives off a bright light. Add a bookcase so that you’ll always have something to read. An ottoman is also an idea to add, giving you a way to prop your feet after a long day.

Update your living room with a modern twist that includes a few staples that you would normally find in any living room in any home. A simple couch that features pillows on each end and a blanket on the back makes the room feel inviting. Side chairs that are made with bamboo can make the room feel a bit more open. Consider adding a few larger windows with airy curtains to let natural light into the room. Lighter colors, such as blue, green and peach, will make the room feel a bit larger as well.

Playing games as a family is something that the living room is ideal for, so why not make the space comfortable for playing? Add plush chairs, a large couch and an oversize coffee table for a convenient surface for the board games. A larger television works as well so that you can have movie nights with the family. Make sure the table has a lip around the edge so that pieces of the games don’t fall off the sides. This is also a good place for children to do homework so that they can spread books and notebooks out.

Add a few new items each season to make your living room as personal as possible. You can keep some of the items that you add through the year, but there are some things that you only want for one season at a time, such as snowflakes or Christmas ornaments. Items that you could add include pillows, throws and pictures.