Wherever you live and whatever style of home, screening is an essential element to comfortable living, and with modern shutters that are made to measure, you can achieve the perfect balance between visibility and seclusion. Using either composite or natural materials, there is a wide range of shutter designs that will allow you to enhance the appearance of your home, while also maintaining fine control over light and shading.

Exterior Roller Shutters

This is the ultimate in home security, and with all the access point covered, your home will always be protected against the opportunist thief, and with more than 70% of all domestic break-ins due to a forced entry through a window, it makes sense to put up an impenetrable barrier that also enhances the look of your home. If you would like a guide to shutters in Perth, price will be a concern, and with online suppliers, you will have lower than retail prices.

Motorised Units

Nothing could be more convenient than motorised roller shutters on all the windows, and with a level of added thermal and sound insulation, the units will do more than just keep out burglars. The running mechanism is completely encased, keeping out the elements, and with silent running, one touch of the remote opens or closes the units.

Storm Protection

If you live in Western Australia, you will already know just how fierce the weather can be, and in gale force winds, your windows are at real risk of a breakage, with branches and other debris being thrown around at high speed. When you and the family are away on your annual holiday

Eliminate Exterior Noise

Roller shutters offer a great level of sound insulation, making for the ideal ambience of you fancy a nap in the afternoons, and for those who work shifts, it is nice to be able to shut out all the light from a room, as well as reduce the outside noise. Any time you need some peace and quiet, just reach for the shutter remote and it’s as good as done.

Bushfire Protection

If you live in a rural area where bushfires occur, roller shutters are the ideal way to protect your home, giving you that much needed extra time before the fire services arrive, and with special aluminium panels, your home will be protected against excessive heat and flames.

The Ultimate Burglar Deterrent

If a house breaker came upon a residence with roller shutters fitted, he would simply move on, as there are many unprotected homes out there, and roller shutters will send out the right message. If you would like further information and to see what it would cost to have roller shutters fitted, all it takes to find the right supplier is an online search. They would likely send someone to your home, where you can discuss the options, and with a more than reasonable price, you can soon have the ultimate security for your home.

For most families, it is the times when you are away for a few days that the worry sets in, but with bespoke aluminium roller shutters, you can be sure your home is protected, no matter how far away you are.