Decorating a room needs a lot more than just good furniture. To make the room aesthetically pleasing along with having high level of comfort, rugs have become a necessity in most homes. Rugs come in various styles and types. Needless to say, these rugs cost a lot and can burn a hole in your pockets. There are 5 types of rugs you can get for your homes or various purposes:

  • Lamp shades
  • Window hangings
  • Flooring rugs
  • Upholstery
  • Yoga mats

All these types of rugs as mentioned above are really costly and that is why it is sometimes recommended that you get wholesale rugs. When you get beautiful and suitable wholesale rugs, you save a lot. You can get rugs within you budget and make rug a decorative item that can be easily opted for home designing by homeowners. This is why wholesale rugs are highly preferred. Wholesale rugs are sold directly from factory outlets and that excludes the costs of all the middlemen and transit. This reduces the selling price manifold and you get quality products at low rates.

The Difference Between Wholesale Rugs and Rugs Available at A Discounted Rate:

Many people are generally are greatly confused between quantity discount rates and wholesale rates. This are two completely different terms. Quantity discount is what you get because of purchasing the rugs in a bulk. This is when a trader gets a lot of stock from a dealer. Wholesale rugs are the ones that are sold from factory licensed outlets where the stock is directly delivered from the manufacturing unit and you do not have to pay the charges that come under taxation, transportation charges and trading charges. This reduces the cost to almost fifty percent. The wholesale cost is consistent and invariant with respect to the amount of rugs you purchase. While, in quantity discounts, the larger stock you buy, the more is the discount.

Tips to Buy Wholesale Rugs:

  • Decide what you want beforehand: In case of wholesale rugs, you would not find a lot of advisers to help you with your selection. So you need to do your homework beforehand. Find out the rug that best suits your needs, goals, lifestyle as well as make sure that it is within your budget.
  • Determine the level of carpet rug foot traffic: The rug material is available in various types and designs. Not all of them have the same durability. So, before finalising on a carpet, decide how much is the foot traffic in the place where you are planning to place your carpet. Decide the material based on that data.
  • Avert from getting verbal promises: Make sure you get everything in writing. Even though wholesale rugs cost lesser than usual rugs, their price is not just in pennies. So, get all the warranties and services terms in written while buying it. Do not take the word of the seller for these terms.
  • Know details about the delivery, return and warranty policies: These three factors matter greatly whenever you get a rug from a wholesale store. The warranty and return policies secure your purchase against any manufacturing defects discovered after delivery of the rug.
  • Understand the rug use and caretaking process thoroughly: Rugs are delicate materials and are sometimes damaged by harsh chemicals or inappropriate care. So, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the details of caretaking methods that you need to follow diligently for a long lasting rug.

These tips are enough to guide you through the purchase of wholesale rugs. Just proper caution while looking for rugs with wholesalers would ensure you get top quality rugs that too at an extremely low rate.