There are many ideas out there for house extensions be it a two or single story home. However, every home has its own design and story. Thus, it makes home extension a bit tiresome and time consuming even for the owner.

If you happen to live in a small single story then perhaps the best idea is to extend rather than move to a new place. Moreover, extending may add some aesthetic value to your house. For instance, most people who own often decide to extend the rear end of their home to create more living space. It also raises the price margin of your house in case one day you decide to sell.

In case you own a small single story and thinking of making some changes opt for single story rear extension. But first things first you need to be ready with all the right information as well as papers before choosing to expand.

You should consider the land and soil in which you are expanding on as well as any history of flooding, the surrounding trees and pathways. The more you know the risk the more you plan carefully with the help of an architect and a builder. Climate can be a big hindrance to development especially when it comes to home extension.

The cost should also be a priority especially when it comes to the value it will have after the extension. Any single story rear extension should always be planned wisely with future markets in mind. You can always consult endowed builders surroundings you or just browse companies like Kingston concrete company one of the best builders and excellent mix on site supplier Kingston area.

Consequently, any house extension requires a permit for planning as well as building. It is always costly so make sure you can finance it as it is a must. Remember that there are also rules and regulations in accordance with the law on building regulations so know them. The size of the extension also matters as it will affect building approval as well as approval fees.

The more you research on what is needed the more you make the whole process easier from approval to design and building.

Moreover, you can find an architect or designer to help you out with the planning and ideas on how to extend. Choose a firm near your area as some will charge you per visit and locality. So it is cheaper to have someone who is familiar with your area and its house structures.

You should also consider color blending and finishes for the interior and exterior parts of your single story rear extension.  It is ideal to keep the whole look in harmony through textures and colors that blend well. Conflicting colors are never attractive and look weird on the outside.

When it comes to builders look for those with credit and good references as well as those near you. For instance, you might settle for Kingstone concrete company or any other company near you as long as they offer what you are looking for as well as great discounts and prices.

On the same note, consult different people around you who have extended their home before. You will get a feel of what to expect from builders of your choice.