It can’t be denied that bathroom accessories are a vital element in decorating your home and hence they have to be chosen carefully for achieving perfection. Whenever you think of bathroom accessories, there is the debate of whether bathroom rugs are better than bathroom mats. Most have a question in their mind before they head towards the shops and that is the actual difference between bath rugs and bath mats. Well, the difference lies in the factors which help you make a measured and informed choice. Bathroom mats, if you choose a sustainable one, the Cariloha bamboo bathroom mat, can be placed in the wet or moist part of the bathroom to soak the water.

On the other hand, bathroom rugs are used to beautify the entire look of your bathroom in terms of style and color. If you’re a homeowner who still couldn’t solve the riddle of whether to choose bathroom mats or bathroom rugs, here’s help for you. We’ll help you take an important decision.

Bathroom mats

Bathroom mats are more simplistic in use and they serve the use of soaking water from the bath area and the adjoining areas of the floor. Bathroom mats are more functional and less decorative. They’re usually bought to serve a purpose of keeping the bathroom clean and dry. Bath mats come in soft materials like cotton which improves the comfort when you stand on it. These days, bathroom mats which are made of natural materials like hemp, teak and bamboo have gained popularity due to their raised and elevated style which are of extreme low maintenance.

While purchasing a bathroom mat, you should ensure it has got an underside that is non-slippery to avert any kind of potential injuries. In case there are seniors and elderly people who use your bathroom as well, you should focus more on the non-slippery side. As against bath rugs, bath mats can be washed easily. If you choose bath mats of natural materials, they just have to be wiped with a dry cloth to make them stay clean.

Bathroom rugs

For all those homeowners who want to create a personal style which complements the look of their bathroom, bathroom rugs are probably the best options for them. Bath rugs are mainly used to personalize the look and feel of your bathroom. No, that doesn’t mean that it can be said that you can’t use rugs to soak water as some of them can be placed outside the bathtub to soak water but all rugs won’t serve you this purpose. As there are intricate materials which are used while making a bath rug, their quotient of water-soaking is comparatively low enough as against bath mats.

Once you know what exactly you’re looking for, it is easy to choose between a bathroom rug and a bathroom mat. No matter which one you choose, ensure you apply a color theme to your bathroom and choose a rug or a mat of a color which perfectly complements the look of your bathroom.