If the windows on your commercial building look dirty and streaked you should consider hiring a professional window cleaning company. Even if you’re a small business, trying to clean the windows yourself isn’t going to achieve professional results. Hiring professional window cleaners will ensure that you have sparkling clean windows in a lot less time and without the hassle. Following are 5 of the top benefits of hiring a commercial window cleaner.

1. Commercial Window Cleaning Improves a Building’s Appearance
Windows that are cleaned 3 to 4 times a year make a company’s environment more inviting. Dirty, grimy windows are an unsightly distraction to visitors and employees. Dirty windows also obscure incoming light, making the interior look dismal. Clean windows let in unfiltered sunlight that can help promote retail products, improve your staff’s mood and increase productivity. Sparkling clean windows will also help to establish a positive first impression for your potential and current clients.

2. Regular Cleaning Extends the Life of Windows
Substances like hard water, acid rain, dirt and debris that isn’t addressed will eventually damage your windows. These elements can end up etching into the window glass, causing scratches. Over time, the view from the windows becomes distorted. Commercial window cleaning washes away corrosive debris from windows, minimizing the likelihood of cracks, chips and scratching.

3. Enhances the Efficiency of Windows
Impaired windows seals can end up causing the fogging, leaks and condensation that can result in mold issues and higher energy bills. Clogged window channels and painted sashes can also cause windows to not open during an emergency which can cost lives. Professional window cleaners will inspect the windows for potential problems and will notify you of any problems.

4. Professional Window Cleaning Is Highly Effective and Safer
When you hire a commercial window cleaning company, they’ll have all the best, commercial grade equipment and tools for the job. They also have the experience and expertise it takes to efficiently use the tools and cleansers so that your windows will crystal clear and streak free says Bob Pergolotti of CT Window Cleaning. In addition, you won’t need to worry about putting an employee or yourself at risk. A professional will know how to work with pulley systems and ladders (necessities if multiple floors come into play). Professionals are also insured. On top of that, commercial window cleaners also have access to cleaning solutions that will help protect your windows from clouding and damage. It’s also important to note that they know how to appropriately handle these cleaning solutions to protect themselves from potential health risks.

5. Commercial Window Cleaning Saves Time
Window cleaning is a time-consuming task, especially if you “DIY”. Not only will a professional window cleaner do a better job – they can do it in less time. If you’re a business owner, your time will be better spent performing business related tasks.

Save yourself the trouble, time and safety risks of dealing with dirty windows and hire a commercial window cleaning company.