The first line from a popular song from the 1960s state, “What a drag it is getting old.” While the song is catchy, this assertion isn’t necessarily the case. One can find many satisfactions in his or her golden years. Generally, people achieve more financial stability as they age, and they also often have more time for personal pursuits and relaxation than those in their working and child-rearing years. However, it’s no secret that as you age, your body begins to break down and show the signs of wear and tear. You move more slowly, and it takes you longer to recover from injury or strain. These factors can make it difficult performing what used to be routine activities. One of these is showering. If you’re finding it increasingly more difficult to bathe every day, it’s time for you to get a jet tub shower combo. This excellent product will be you safe and feeling refreshed.

Not Slippery When Wet

 Usually, a shower floor will slippery; sometimes this can even be the case after it begins to dry out. But when you purchase a jet tub shower combo, you can say goodbye to the fear of slipping and falling. This is because they come with an anti-slip coating on the floor. As you’re in the tub, and as you step inside and exit, you won’t have to worry about taking a tumble. You can be sure-footed and steady on these no-slip floors.

 Easy to Access

 Lifting your legs over the ledge of a tub even a couple of feet and getting inside isn’t nearly as easy as it once was. And because you may struggle with balance, this can be a nearly impossible task. It can also be a common way to stumble and fall, leading toinjuries to your head or other parts. However, a bathtub shower haves a wide door and simple step-in entry. You won’t find yourself on one leg, stepping over a high entry. Rather, you can simply walk right in and enjoy your warm bath or shower.

Hang on Tight

 If your current tub and shower don’t have a safety bar, you’ve been missing out on a helpful feature that just could save you from mishap. A jet tub shower also comes with an easy-to-grab bar, helping you into the water with. Plus, when you’re done, getting out will be a simple task, because you’ll have the bar to help lift you out. The bars are strong and built in, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking as you put all your weight on them to get out.

Easy to Maintain

 Nobody likes a dirty bathroom, and a bathtub or shower can be a magnet for dirt, grime and other unsightly invaders. Plus, a tub or shower can be the perfect home for bacteria, mildew, germs and other unwanted guests. You’ll be thrilled to know that a jet tub shower combo is coating with a special gel to make cleaning even easier.

Put an end to your bathing concerns. Get a bathtub shower and safely  take care of business each day.