During summer days, it is tempting to keep the AC running. However, if you don’t want to compromise your budget for your electricity bill, you need to find a way to keep the room cooler.

Not a lot of people know this, but you can actually make any room seem cooler with the right choice of pain, decors, and interior design. Knowing what furniture to add and where to exactly position them can go a long way in achieving your goal. Here are some tips that you might want to use:

  1. Keep your blinds close.

According to  Family Handyman, about 30%  of unwanted heat comes inside the room from the windows. Using shades, blinds, curtains, and the like can lower the temperature by 20 degrees. Thus, you can save up to 7% of energy. Closing the blinds essentially keeps the heat away from your room.

  1. Invest in blackout curtains.

Blackout curtains prevent sunlight from getting inside the room. Neutral-colored curtains with white plastic backings are mostly recommended by Consumer Reports. These curtains reduce the heat by up to 33% as they appear cooler.

  1. Ditch incandescent lights.

Incandescent bulbs used about 90 percent of their energy to emit heat, thus making the room hotter. Choose better lighting alternatives like compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). CFLs will not only decrease your electricity bill and keep your room cool. They can also give off a different vibe to the room.

  1. Live low.

It is a great idea to invest in a low bed or put your mattress on the floor. The floor is always cooler than elevated platforms. In picking a cool bedsheet and mattress, you can refer to Red Cliffs – BestMatt.com as they offer some of the best mattress selections for any home.

  1. Close unused rooms.

Closing unused rooms will keep the cool air from getting outside. It will also prevent the hot air from getting inside the room. You can take advantage of the cool night air by  opening some of the windows in your room at night.

  1. Switch sheets.

Fresh sheets don’t only freshen up your room. They can also cool the atmosphere. Using cotton is better because it stays cooler and allows you to breathe easier. You can also buy or use a buckwheat pillow because it has a natural air space between them. Moreover, they don’t hold on to the heat that your body emits

  1. Turn on your bathroom fans.

Bathroom fans and exhaust fans in your kitchen can pull the hot air away from your room, thus leaving you with cool air.

Final Thoughts

Summer days are fun, but the pressing heat makes it uncomfortable sometimes. With or without AC, you can still keep our bedroom cool by using the right furnishes. Cooling your room naturally is doesn’t only help you save money. It can also help mother nature as you will be decreasing global warming, a direct effect of HFCs present in air conditioners.