Interior designers are a boon to people who are looking forward to designing their home just the way they want it to be. However, if you do not make the right choice when it comes to choosing the right professional for yourself, then you shall end up using your boon as a bane.

In order to find the right match for your choices, UrbanClap is the best online site to choose from. The site offers you a wide variety of personnel who’s work you could view before making a selection, and till date this year, UrbanClap has received a number of 993 requests for hiring interior designers from the city of Mumbai. To make your decision easier, I’ve made a list of some of the best interior designer in Mumbai, who’s work will leave you gaping.

Best interior designers in the city of Mumbai sponsored by UrbanClap

  • Interia furniture and designing: Have you ever wondered how will your wall look with the funky mosiac design behind your wide screen plasma TV? Mesmerising right? Interia furniture and designing does exactly the same. The mosiac designs that they incorporate jumping up from the middle of no where gives your room an edgy look. At the same time they ensure to balance the edgy and classy component while desiging a room, which make their designs an amazing artwork to look at. With a minimal cost of Rs 30 per square feet, this firm aces it on the list of best interior designers in Mumbai.
  • Design options: I’ve always wondered, when am I ever going to get the perfect design for my room, just like the ones I search on google. By taking a look at the work done by Design options I feel I’ve finally found my superheroes! Design options is a firm that provides services at Kharadi, Mumbai with a rate of Rs 45 per square feet. As their name states they provide innumerable options for you to choose from. They do so to ensure that the customer gets the best value of their money spent.
  • Illusions Architect and Interiors: As promised by the description given by the company about themselves, they do not fail to deliver what the customer exactly wants. When it comes to compromising with quality, this company has a complete no-no motto about it. They say that they cannot afford compromising with quality as their work is what makes their bread and butter. The individuals associated with the company have excellent knowledge and confidence about their work, and know exactly what they’re doing. Their services create a hassle free experience for all of their customers.
  • Aesthetics Architects: The company describes the qualifications of its employees in the description about themselves. They’ve taken up residential and commercial projects this far, and have a qualification of bachelor of architecture from Nagpur University. The head designer herself has an experience of 9 years in this field. With such vast horizons of knowledge how could one not trust a company like this. The pictures show quite a royal look given by them in their previous project of designing a 1500 square feet flat.

You can find plenty of interior designers on the web, but UrbanClap takes responsibility for the services they offer. It is not only important to choose the best designer online, but also create a perfect understanding with the team of professionals.

With proper guidance and knowledge of interior designing, can only your home transfer in to a peaceful place of joy. So why wait? Make the best choice for your self by choosing from the list of the best interior designers in Mumbai.