For many, visiting the spa might feel like a luxury to be enjoyed just once or twice per year as a special occasion. This might have been true in the past, but new technology will bring the spa home to you for years of relaxation in privacy. The amazing new pool sweeping the country is called a swim spa.

The entire family can enjoy these compact and cost-effective pools, and they are a great way to exercise, relax, or have some good old-fashioned fun. This pool is simple to install, easy to maintain, and even easier on the wallet.

If you have a small patio or wish to bring your pool indoors, the swim spa is a great way to make this happen. Even the smallest models are still large enough for several people to relax at once, and they have all of the same features found in larger models. Because even the largest swim spas are compact and comfortable, you can make better use of your patio space.

Privacy and Exercise

If you visited a spa recently, you likely had a hard time finding alone time. This is due in large part to the popularity of such places. Once you install a swim spa, you give yourself access to your favourite features without all of the crowding.

The jets of the spa provide a soothing massage, and they can be increased in strength to create a current. This is perfect for specialised exercise, which is great for any type of body or exercise regimen. The jets can be regulated for moderate exercises, such as walking, all the way up to intensive resistance training. In fact, a swim spa just might be the best in-home exercise machine since the invention of the jump rope.

Traditional Pools Cannot Compare

Compared to a traditional pool, swim spas are far more cost-effective while still offering plenty of room for fun in the water. Whether you have young children in your household or simply enjoy a dip in the pool, you will still have plenty of room to do so in your swim spa. Outdoor spas are easier to install, as they come in one piece. Traditional pools require digging a hole in your yard, pouring concrete, and more. The entire process can take days from start to finish, but a swim spa can be installed and ready to enjoy in a matter of just hours.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to traditional pools, which require constant maintenance and cleaning, a swim spa is easy to maintain. Swim spas require fewer chemicals and are smaller, meaning cleaning is faster and simpler. These spas are created with fibreglass, and their smooth surface minimises the production of algae. After just a few months of use, you will ask yourself why you ever thought a traditional pool was an option.

Finally, a swim spa can be brought inside or outside of the home. With this unique feature, you can enjoy your pool all year. No amount of bad weather should stop you from enjoying exercise and relaxation in the privacy of your home.


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