Organize your Space Efficiently by Building a Custom Closet

Build a custom closet to store your belongings neatly and smartly with the help of a custom cabinetry specialty service. Find what you need at the right time by storing your items in specially designed spaces that fit your lifestyle. Complement your current decor with a wide range of cabinetry styles and colors that will seamlessly integrate with your current scheme.

Use the Help of Professional Closet Designers

Some professional closet designers will provide you with a free no-obligation consultation. Be sure to ask about the cost before they visit. Their expertise will guide you on your path to optimal closet storage design and storage that’ll meet your style and budgetary requirements. A consultant may ask you about your required time frame, budget, and design concept. Your custom closet consultant will measure your closet space and might be able to provide you with a digital concept of the closet that you want to build.

Design Your Closet According To the Room

Each room in your home has a specific purpose so you should design your closet space with the room’s purpose in mind. Building a custom closet for a child’s bedroom has different considerations to keep in mind as compared to an adult’s bedroom closet. The height requirements for shelves and drawers will be different as will the need for the components to be adjustable. The spaces which have closets that are typically customized include:

  • Master bedrooms
  • Children’s bedrooms
  • Guest Bedrooms
  • Pantry space
  • Home offices
  • Kitchens

Any closet in any space can be customized to your requirements.

Prepare a Budget for Your Custom Closet

The cost of building a custom closet will depend on the amount and type of materials that are required to build it. Having a professional install the closet components will cost you extra as well. Be sure to ask your consultant for the price of each component and the cost of labor to install it for you. Some businesses will include the cost of labor into the price of the closet system.

What Kind of Closet Components are installed in a Custom Closet?

The closet components that can be installed include drawers, shelves, sliding doors and rods. Drawers have options such as finishes and styles as well as the option to close slowly and gently. The shelves can be installed so that they are adjustable according to your needs. You also have the option of adding customized lighting in your closet for practicality and for aesthetics.

Prepare for the Installation of a Custom Closet you’ve designed

Build a custom closet Fayetteville GA will help you to be prepared before the installation begins. You may have to make a down payment or pay in full. Be sure the area is clean and free of clutter before the installers arrive. Check that they have brought the correct components to install before they proceed with the installation. Make sure they have the proper finish and colors.


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