Carpets are expensive, and a good one should last at least ten years, if it is treated correctly. Carpet maintenance can significantly prolong the life of a carpet or rug, and with a variety of carpet types, the methods of keeping them in good order depend upon the material and style.

Suction cleaning

Vacuuming the dirt and particles from the carpet is recommended for all carpets, as this removes a large part of surface dirt, while penetrating halfway down the carpet fibres. Higher traffic areas should be vacuumed daily, especially with the small deposits of soil and mud that shoes can carry.

Dry cleaning

The much preferred method of cleaning a carpet today, dry cleaning involves the use of chemicals, with a dry layer of absorption materials applied shortly before the cleaning process begins. This solution breaks down the oily dirt and grime that has coated the carpet fibres, and after a short time, this can be removed by extracting the dry solution, along with the dirt.


Clean carpets are essential for the good health of the occupants, especially when there are children around. While on the subject of kids, Electrodry have a very interesting article on their site about selecting the right type of carpet for children’s rooms.  Apart from removing dirt and grime, carpet cleaning eliminates pollutants that are trapped in the carpet pile, as toxic airborne matter sticks to particles that are then embedded into the carpet. Dry cleaning eliminates these pollutants, and leaves your carpet looking and smelling so much better, and with the chemical removal of bacteria that causes mould, your living environment is healthier.

Stain advice

By rubbing a stain, you are forcing the particles into the carpet fibres, which is the worst thing to do. Take some strong tissue and gently blot the stain area, carefully pushing the tissue down on the surface. This extracts much of the substance without causing any further damage. One can blot several times, each time taking a little more of the stain material out of the equation. Start from the outside and work in, as this stops the stain from spreading.

 Tricks of the trade

Club soda is an effective solution to clean beer and wine stains, simply blot the stain area with soda-wet, absorbent cloth. Do this several times, and if the stain hasn’t been completely removed, mix an even solution of water and vinegar, and spray the solution on the stain-affected area. Allow this to soak for 20 minutes, then apply a dry sponge on the stain, which should begin to soak up the solution. The process might have to be repeated in order to completely remove the stain.

Post-stain care

Rinse the entire area with warm water, then brush the carpet fibres in their natural direction. Place tissue paper over the area, and put something heavy on top. This will extract all the water from the rinsing process. This method of drying takes between 12 and 24 hours before the carpet can be used.

Treating your carpets to a regular clean, not only keeps your home clean and hygienic, it also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Regular cleaning will keep your home smelling fresh, and will prolong the life of the carpet.


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