In many parts of the world, temperatures fall below zero during the winter. The months of January and February in Northern Ireland (NI), for example, are rather cold and temperatures can drop below freezing. This means that anyone living there likely has to turn to some good heating appliances to keep themselves and their families warm! In climates like this, people often use heating oil to power their heaters. But, given the popularity of this resource in the cold weather, how can you acquire it at a good price?

There are many home heating oil suppliers around who will deliver oil right to your doorstep at good prices, but it’s important to check them out thoroughly first before signing up to use them. In cold NI, for instance, there are times of the year when daylight only lasts for around 6 hours a day, so heating oil is really popular with the locals. But if you’re living there, where do you find top quality, cheap heating oil for NI?

Finding the Right Heating Oil Supplier

Here are a few tips for getting the best oil from a reliable service:

  • Whichever company you choose, the first thing you do should be to make sure that they’re fully accredited with the right organisations. Look for affiliations with companies like DCC Energy Ltd. or another trusted energy company that is also well-known and reliable.
  • Do they cover and deliver heating oil to you area? The larger the area they cover, the larger the fleet network they have. This is often a good indication of the size of the company in question, the size of their customer base, and their capital investment in the service.
  • Do they offer their customers delivery savings on certain days of the week? A service with a large fleet network can offer significant savings if you sign up to have your heating oil delivered on a day when they are delivering more oil in the area.
  • Do they offer flexible delivery options, so you can choose the day that suits you best?
  • Do they supply more than one grade of heating oil so you have a choice of prices? For example, oil delivery services provide kerosene for heating uses, but the best suppliers also offer premium kerosene, which burns cleaner and more efficiently. The most reliable services can also help you out with this decision if you need some advice.
  • Will they deliver the heating oil and fill your tank if you are not home? The best services in this industry will deliver to your home or business even if you are not home as long as they can access your oil tank.


Given the popularity of and high demand for heating oil, it’s important to sign up with a delivery service that is flexible, offers good rates, is large and reliable, and can deliver to your area. You don’t want to freeze in the winter season, and having top quality heating oil delivered right to your door is a service that you can’t do without!


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