All refrigeration equipment suffers at times from owner error. Maybe you left the door open by mistake and defrosted the food or, perhaps, froze up the workings. However, the following faults need to be sorted out with a visit from an engineer:

  • Refrigerator temperatures that are outside of safe levels
  • Strange noises or a noisy fan
  • Leakage
  • A display of LED errors

Contacting a Refrigerator Service Company for Help

If there is a problem with your refrigerator or freezer, common sensors and thermal fuses are usually available if they need to be replaced. Also, fridge back panels are commonly replaced because they are prone to failure. By noticing certain faults with your refrigerator, it gives you a route to follow that permits you to contact a service engineer for recommendations and advice.

Sensor or Fan Errors

If you believe you need assistance with Kent refrigerators and freezers servicing and repairs, you first need to check for errors. You can find out how to make a diagnosis by referring to the manufacturer’s brochure that is included with your refrigerator and freezer. If any LEDs blink, the corresponding sensors and components have to be checked for errors. Some of the errors may involve the following components or sensors:

  • Ice-maker sensor
  • R-sensor
  • R-def sensor
  • R-fan error
  • R-def error
  • Exit sensor
  • F-sensor
  • F-def sensor
  • F-fan error
  • C-fan error

Checking for a Buildup of Ice

To check for ice buildup, you need to remove the power from the fridge and freezer before you continue. Remove all the shelves from the fridge as well so that you can take off the evaporator cover. Check the fan housing and the drain hole for any signs of an ice buildup. The defrost hole should be clear. If you notice a buildup of ice, this is a strong indication of a problem that needs to be handled by a service engineer. Either the evaporator will display an over-frozen condition or a normal condition or will exhibit no buildup of ice at all.



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