It is not uncommon to find commercial spaces that have an odd shape.

Due to how congested urban locations are, a lot of real estate developers have turned to experimenting with various strategies to achieve more floor space. The problem is, while there may be more square feet, property buyers sometimes end up getting quite a tricky space layout to work with.

Some spaces have weird corners and are shaped like a Tetris piece. Because of this, assigning “purpose” to certain areas of the property can be quite difficult. Thus, to ensure beauty and optimum function, meticulous planning is a must.

For this, it is imperative to work with commercial interior fit-out contractors. These professionals offer a variety of solutions to make any size or shape of workspace serve a business’s functional requirements.

If such is the issue with your workplace, here are some of the best interior fit-out solutions that the pros can provide:

1. Proper “space purpose” identification

Before any fit-out solution is identified, it is imperative to establish the aesthetic and functional purpose of the space first. This will allow fit-out contractors to tap into their experience and identify the right fixtures that can be used to make the space maximally useful.

2. Bespoke integrations

Bespoke fixtures can cut out all the weird corners to create symmetry in a room as well as facilitate smooth flow for various activities. Likewise, these implements can ensure functional mileage and make every aspect of the room completely “intentional.”

Built-ins can be made according to whatever purposes you may have.

Interior fit-out contractors can make these implements transformable to perform multiple functions to support your needs. For instance, a room divider or wall for an office can serve as shelves as well as provide comfortable fold-out seating for guests.

Aside from those, built-ins can also be used to conceal room elements that are not pleasing to the eye such as electrical wires, power boxes, and others.

3. Smart furniture options

The final fit-out is all about bringing in elements that work with the new space dimensions.

The size and shape of furniture items (and accessories) should be easy to maneuver around, and fit-out contractors can help with this as well. They can help you understand the impact of certain pieces to the flow of movement in a room.

For example, they know that choosing angular pieces of furniture that have sharp corners will compel people to walk cautiously around those corners. Therefore, a round table would be a better alternative. People will find it easier to move around it, and there’s a lower likelihood of getting poked by a sharp edge.

4. Strategic placement of mirrors

The use of mirrors is another solution often used to make a commercial space feel more open and symmetrical. The right placement of mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger space and also the presence of something that is not there.

For instance, a room with just a single window on one side can make space look off-kilter. The easiest solution for this is to find a mirror that looks similar to that window and place it on the opposite side for an instantly balanced appearance.

Another way mirrors serve as awkward space solutions is when they are installed on a wall to make the space deceptively expansive.

5. The best windows and doors to use

Rooms that have an unconventional shape and dimensions often have the tendency to feel cramped.

Interior fit-out contractors can make sure that big windows and doors are placed where they would be most beneficial in terms of illumination and making the space feel more open. At the same time, they can pick the right glass window system design and doors to meet other requirements such as additional ventilation and symmetry.

Invest in working around oddly-shaped space

Workspaces should be designed with productivity in mind. Unfortunately, the business side of providing commercial property – especially in urban areas – does not always make upholding this principle so easy.

Thankfully, interior fit-out companies are not stumped by space limitations.

With their knowledge and expertise, limitations transform into opportunities for creativity or innovation.

So, if you can no longer find a more affordable commercial property other than an oddly-shaped one for your business operations, direct your investment to fit-out solutions instead.


Shane Curran

CEO at Interact Group LLC

Interact Group is a design-led interior fit out company that aims to set new standards in the UAE interiors market. Driven by their dedication to total customer experience, the company’s mission is to bring truly specialized teams to complex design and fit out challenges, utilizing their unmatched ability to deliver spaces efficiently and above expectation.