In days gone by, it was commonplace to grab a cold shower first thing in the morning, after sport, or to cool down on a hot summer day. From time to time, if the hot water runs out, people would shrug their shoulders and shower anyway. They would grin and bear it, simply because they were somewhat used to it already.

But these days, people have become much more demanding of their showers.  They like them consistently hot so that they can soak away the stresses of the day.  Accordingly, people are looking for gas hot water systems in Perth and other cities that will give them reliable hot water on demand, at any time of the night or day.

Don’t Opt For the Same Unit You Previously Had

While you may have had a gas water heating unit that you found to be reliable, these days technology is constantly advancing.  Units available currently on the market are now significantly different and geared towards energy efficiency.  If you were to purchase the same make and model that you installed 20 years ago, you might find that being reliable does not make up for the costs of running it. Conversely, if you elect to buy one of the more recent models, you are likely to find yourself saving money by reducing your electric and water bills, since the unit takes less energy and time to heat itself.

Gas Is Good

While many people have a standard electric heating unit in their home (that provides savings if you have an off-peak electricity option in place), the reality is that there are a number of really great gas units on offer too.

People often opt for gas because generally gas appliances are cheaper to run. This is largely because unlike electricity, the price of gas does not change during the day or evening, so you will pay the same to have a shower no matter whether you have it during peak or off-peak times.

Like electric systems, you can purchase a gas water heating unit to accommodate the size of your family.  If you have a family of four, you will likely need a unit or tank that holds around 135-170 litres of water.  This will be sufficient for a 24 hour period. Some units come with an instantaneous function so that in the event that the tank refills with water which is not to the desired temperature, the unit will automatically detect this and heat the water contained within the unit’s reservoir.

Why You Should Opt for Gas?

While a gas water heating unit might be a little more on the expense side than its electric cousin in terms of initial outlay for the unit and its installation, in the long run, it will save you money in terms of heating and energy costs.  Ask your plumber about suitable gas water heating options for your property that suits your family’s needs.


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