No one appreciates having guests who outstay their welcome, much less, pests who weren’t invited but seem to have taken up residence to the horror of the humans and pets in the property.

Pest control Hampshire specialists should be your first point of contact when you suspect or have seen a pest marauding. Commercial pest control is cost effective, offers a complete and efficient service and restores peace of mind.

If you’re in a territory war, please don’t use DIY treatments, these can prove to be inefficient, costly and counterproductive when used inappropriately.

Qualified professionals exist and are in constant demand because they are vital to pest control.

Pests you may have the inconvenience of meeting:

  • Bees, wasps, hornets.
  • Rats and mice.
  • Flies and moths.
  • Beetles and cockroaches.

Commercial pest controllers including Pest Control Berkshire appreciate that one approach does not suit all pests and situations. Whilst rodent removal services utilise poisons and eradicate infestations, there are several other pests, bees, wasps and grey squirrels among them, who can be relocated to a more suitable place rather than killing them. This can prove essential to maintaining the health of the ecosystem.

Did you know that moles have more red blood cells than many other animals and this allows them to live underground and to dig tunnels at an astounding rate? According to the British Mole Catchers Register, the average mole can shift more than 540 times their own body weight in one day’s work. Eating 20 or more worms per day, they are high achievers below ground but their work results in risks for the humans and animals above ground who suffer the consequences of hills, weak surfaces, uneven terrain and stones which fly up in to machinery. Moles are often trapped and the more drastic solution of gas is only used in worst case scenarios.

Bird control measures are often preventative and employ netting and spiking which make areas bird proof. When the birds are already causing an issue, trapping, scaring, repelling and shooting are evaluated to ensure effectiveness.

Many rodents have become immune to the over the counter poisons and treat them as food, they’ll chomp away happily. Rodent removal services through pest control Hampshire experts means that knowledge, experience and solutions not available in the public domain are used.

There is no need to be ashamed or hesitant to call commercial pest control firms. Pests are an inevitable part of life. Many pests are opportunists who see their opportunity to take possession of a quiet space, maybe via a hole in the roof, a hairline crack below a door or an open window. You can’t stay on high alert just in case a critter wanders in.

Pest control Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire experts are aware that their presence may be cause for concern amongst neighbours, commercial and residential, so vans are normally unmarked and the uniforms are neutral without logos so no one needs to know about your rat, mouse, cockroach or beetle infestation.

Call commercial pest control specialists without delay.