Slate paving has become popular nowadays. Many people are now choosing for slate paving their pathways of their homes. If the slate installation and its paving are done properly, the appeal of your house increases. One can choose from the several of textures and colors available in slates.

When opting for a slate paving one needs to consider the slickness of it when wet. Slate is ideally smooth; hence when it becomes wet it tends to become very slippery. And, of course, one doesn’t need any kind of injuries because of slipping on the wet slates. Therefore, it is necessary that one opts for the type of slate whose texture is not slippery.

Another important thing is choosing the pattern. One also needs to choose the kind of pattern required for the slate paving in a way that the maximum area gets paved easily. One needs to choose a pattern keeping in mind the color and the style of the stone. The top surfaces can be riven or sawn or naturally domed. If you want to opt for more intricate looking patterns it is better to opt a polished stone and if you are looking for a more rustic kind of look for your slate paving choose a riven stone.

After one has chosen the slate, another important task that remains is its installation. A proper installation and slate paving is required for the perfect finish of the slate in the end. One needs to see that the slate is being laid on a solid & firm foundation. All of this means that the supplier of slate paving and the installation contractor you choose understands your requirements. Therefore, one needs a good installer of slate paving.

Now choosing a good supplier and contractor is a task, hence here are some things that you should do before choosing a supplier of slate paving.

Referrals & Research

A good way of finding a good supplier of slate paving and the installation contractor, you need to get some referrals from your friends or family. You will, this way, find out about various suppliers and contractors and from the list available you can choose one of them after checking their knowledge and previous experience in this field of work. Also, if one is not able to get any recommendations, it is always better to conduct an online research and find out the several potential suppliers and contractors with good knowledge of slate paving.

Compare & Choose

It is always better to compare and then choose the supplier of slate paving. You can either get online bids from several of these suppliers or can meet the supplier once so as to get direct quotes. In such cases, you can also try negotiating on the prices and try to get some discounts if the work that you are planning to get done is huge. One can compare the quotes from several suppliers and choose one of them accordingly as per your needs.


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