There is no end to the creative ways in which various objects can be recycled and reused. The wooden pallets that are manufactured for storage and transportation of goods, can also be used in a number of ways after having served their original purpose. Some of them are :

  1. Console Table

Paint an old pallet with any colour you want, and place a board of a bigger size on top of it. Attach the two together and voila! Your console table is ready.

  1. Vertical Garden

An old pallet can be effectively used as a little garden. After positioning the pallet vertically, place flower pots and plants in it to create an easy to maintain, beautiful vertical garden.

  1. Headboard

Use one side of the pallet and mount it on one of the sides of the bed. Fix the pallet with the bed and paint it, or decorate it with rice lights to have a beautiful headboard.

  1. Wine Rack

Fix a pallet horizontally on a wall and give it a new look by varnishing or painting it. You can also go for a vintage style by letting the pallet remain in its original form, and there you have it! A wine rack which stands out.

  1. Wall Art

Use white colour on the pallet as the base paint, and then draw whatever you want to on it to get a creative wall art. Pallets can also be used to stick pictures and create a personalized wall art.

  1. Deck Cooler

If you are someone who loves backyard parties but hate the monotonous, plastic deck coolers, you have an opportunity to do something out of the blue by transforming your pallet into a deck cooler!

  1. Bench

For this, it generally takes two pallets along with some scrap. By fixing the two and inculcating the scrap with it, a comfortable bench will be ready in no time!

  1. Clock

Choose a pallet base according to the shape of the clock that you want, and simply drill a hole in the middle to fix the clock hands with the battery device. Attach numbers on the sides, and your unique clock is ready!

  1. Countertop

Polish some pallet wood with sand paper and use it as a countertop that will not break easily.

  1. Ceiling

Another way of recycling wooden pallets is to attach their slabs on the ceiling to achieve a rustic, cabin like look in no time! Spraying it with a natural brown or yellow ochre colour will add to its charm.

  1. Shoe Rack

Wooden pallets can also be used to make shoe racks. If needed, columns can be added to them as well. This is a really useful way to use pallets.

  1. Wooden Letters

Need a creative way to decorate your room, or your entrance door? Use the wood of pallets, and shape them to get distinctive letters. For better results, brush a coat of paint on them, too!

Wooden pallets are mainly used for storage and transportation of heavy goods. However, after they cross that stage, they can be recycled into various ways. The aforementioned points are only a few out of the many uses of old, wooden pallets. For more information, do give the website  visit.