A spa is a great way to relax and ease the tension from tight muscles, especially after a stressful work day. You can enjoy it alone or invite friends or family to come over and enjoy a soak with you. If you are considering purchasing a spa, here are some of the options from which to choose:

Choosing a Spa

If you want a spa for your patio, you have the choice between a portable or a permanently installed spa. For homeowners who may not sell their homes for several years, a permanently installed spa may be the best choice for them. However, if you rent a home or if you think you will eventually relocate, you should consider a portable spa.

While there are some portable spas that you can store when not in use and inflate whenever you want to take a soak, you can also purchase portable spas that resemble permanently installed spas. They are made from acrylic, so they not only look like permanent spas, but they feel like them as well when you are sitting in one. Most companies offering portable spas allow you to customise them, so you can buy one in the colour and size you want, along with any other options you’d like.

Spa Options

Hydrotherapy is a great way to help with chronic pain and soothe aching muscles. If you want to take advantage of having a spa to unwind after strenuous workouts or to help relieve conditions like arthritis, you can order your spa with extra water jets. You can have the jets placed in the spa where you need them to be, like at the small of your back or level with your knees to help provide relief to your body.

In order to use your spa at night, or to give it some mood lighting, you can have underwater lights installed in it. Not only will this help create a romantic atmosphere when you’re using the spa with your significant other, but you will be able to see what you are doing when enjoying the spa after the sun sets. In addition to lighting, you can also order your spa with a waterproof audio dock to help set a romantic or relaxing mood with music.

Like with most spas, you can also customise portable spas so they have the seating you need for your family or friends who might join you for a soak. You can purchase small spas designed for two people or you can find spas used for entertaining that can easily seat as many as 10 people, with water jets available at each seat. It depends on how much space you have for a space and whether you plan to share it with others.

With the many health benefits spas provide and the availability of portable spas, you can enjoy this luxury any time when you purchase one for your home. Whether you want a spa in order to reduce stress or just to enjoy, there are portable spas available in many designs.


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