It can sometimes be difficult to know the criteria for calling a plumber. For example, you might have a clog in your drain that you are having a very hard time clearing. If it is a clog in a bathtub drain that will not clear even with snaking or liquid rooter, you’ll be tempted to call a plumber. However, if it is bar soap that has clogged your drain, it will eventually disintegrate and clear the way for water to flow again. A call to a plumber in that case would be a waste of money.

So how do you know the difference a strange occurrence and an actual problem? There are some questionable cases, but here are some of the clear-cut instances.

Odd Cause and Effect

If you notice odd causes and effects with your plumbing, you need to call plumbers in Lancashire. Such instances include flushing your toilet and seeing water bubble up in the bathtub. Alternately, you might turn on the sink and hear water bubbling in the toilet. Those are signs that there is an imbalance of pressure in your sewer pipes. A problem such as this normally happens when one or more drain pipes become seriously clogged. That clog will cause problems in the near future and you need to have it addressed as soon as possible.

Multiple Drain Blockages

Another problem you would need to address is an occurrence of multiple drain blockages. In the first example, one drain was blocked. There are many reasons why one drain might be blocked. If you have multiple drain blockages, then you have a blockage much farther down in your pipes and will need a professional to handle it. Your drains all converge eventually as they are leaving your house. Therefore, problems with multiple drains is a sign that the problem is closer to the point of convergence and farther from your house.

These are just two of the most common plumbing oddities and what they mean. You should ask a plumber about any other strange occurrences in your house.