Rugs are an integral part of our décor. Not many have realized it, but rugs have the power to connect us to our space. If placed strategically, rugs can complete an entire room—adding substantially to its natural beauty. However, home décor is not only about beauty but a lot about functionality as well.  Rugs – as such – are as much about functionality as they are about beauty. They can complete your existing décor by filling up voids (in the form of empty spaces on your floor). However, you need to ensure that you are choosing the right rug for your floor.

Note that not all types of rugs are suitable for all flooring options. Depending on your choice, you can choose from among cotton, wool, and jute braided rugs. You should acquaint yourself with the different types of rugs that are suitable for different types of flooring options.

Jute and Wool for Hardwood Floor

For instance, both jute and wool rugs are considered suitable for hardwood floor. You can access both tufted and flat weave wool. Braided rugs crafted with wool are comfortable, durable and attractive as well. The most discerning interior designers out there opine that these rugs can complement hardwood floor like no other. You can choose from a variety of shapes and designs.

Pet-friendly Rugs

A natural fiber like jute also adds a lot to hardwood floors. These rugs are also recommended for homes with pets and kids. Jute is actually thicker than other natural fibers like sea grass or sisal. This is the reason why it is often mixed with chenille to render it soft enough for your kid’s play space. It is also very easy to clean them. Just regular vacuuming will manage this. Another remarkable benefit of these rugs is its natural tan color. The color actually adds to the natural ambience as a result of which jute rugs blend naturally with your existing décor.

Rugs for High Traffic Areas

If you are looking for rugs for high traffic areas then choose braided cotton, jute or wool rugs. Wool is durable. This is the very simple reason why it is often said that these rugs are designed for high traffic areas. What more? They feel very comfortable on your feet as well. Cotton and jute rugs are fairly durable and less expensive than wool.