Doberman Windows and Doors has been in the business since 1990. From its humble beginnings, it is now on a 25-year industry run, and we are as strong as ever. We have service centers across Australia, mainly in Sydney.

Looking back, Doberman started with emergency glass repairs but eventually evolved to installation and the supply of windows and door needs. As time went on, Doberman adapted to the changing customer needs. That is why we are now offering customized jobs for windows and doors like those hinge doors, which are applicable to all door types, whether for commercial or residential use. We offer standard product installations such as doors, windows, glass panels, shower screens, and mirrors. Over time, we were able to offer customized design and products to satisfy  the changing needs of our customers, such as one-of a-class shop fronts, windows, and doors only Doberman can provide.

Our Hinge Doors

ALSPEC -designed, made with the latest aluminum framing that is durable, and including the Veridian glass makes our own Doberman hinge doors the perfect choice among its class in the market. Whether for commercial or residential purposes, this product is perfectly suitable for your requirements.

Why did we choose ALSPEC? In our run in the industry, nothing else beats the design, durability, and flexibility that comes with it. It is water and air-resistant, making it far superior than the standard product. Our hinge doors come with Viridian glass (leading manufacturer of glass in Australia) for which you have the options of glazing or additional frosting and tinting. Veridian glass is flexible enough to accommodate your specifications.

Commercial and Residential Hinge Doors

Our company caters to both residential and commercial hinge door needs. With its ALSPEC design, commercial establishment-based customers commonly require the 45mm hinge door frames that are suitable for shop front and are complimentary with any thickness of glass. Needless to say, technological advancement has led us to utilize a vertical glazing system to further improve its appearance, producing a sleek and stylish look after installation.

As for residential uses, Doberman is flexible enough to keep the functionality and use of hinge doors in your residence. The same flexibility feature is found in our commercial offering, which comes with different customizations that would fit your budget. These include optional frosting, tinting, and other preferences that you might like.

Quality of Work

Over the past 25 years that Doberman has been in the forefront of providing quality service for a lot of clients, we have proven that we are the right company for you. We always make sure to get the job done right on all different types of residential and commercial structures that need our windows and hinge door services. We currently employ the most professional and well-trained individuals who are qualified to provide our services for you.

Our name is always on the mix to provide top builders, realtors, contractors and developers their hinge door needs. With our decades of experience in the industry, there is no doubt that we are already an established and reliable materials provider for their projects. We have the licenses that would enable us to work on any type of commercial establishment. Doberman is undoubtedly an institution going strong to provide you with the best Doberman hinge doors ever.


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