The kitchen is a popular area in the home. Depending on the size and personality of your family, the kitchen is the place where food is stored or where memories are made. Most families are somewhere between the two extremes. Many want a nice kitchen but don’t know how to budget to get it.

Separate Reality from Preferences

All want a luxurious kitchen but only some can and will pay for it. However, even those who have the means are disappointed to find they do not use the space as they thought. Do your best to separate what could be from what will be. Survey the behaviors of family members. Is the kitchen crowded in the morning yet hardly used for the rest of the day? That would be different from a kitchen that is the most used space in the home all day. Don’t overspend on what you won’t use or appreciate.

Trim Is a Lot Cheaper

Expensive wood, granite, and other materials look great but drain the budget. Rather than do without materials that catch your eye, choose to use them sparingly throughout. For example, ninety percent of your tiles could be porcelain while the rest are made of limestone. Similarly, you may like the look of oak. Consider using it for a small island countertop versus all the cabinets and save a lot in the process.

What Is as Important as the Fridge?

The fridge is the most important appliance but it doesn’t need to be in the kitchen. That blows the minds of some who are accustomed to seeing a fridge. You could place the fridge in the basement or garage, freeing room in the kitchen for seating or other appliances. However, ask yourself, “What is as important as the fridge?” For some families, it’s a coffeemaker. Some people loathe washing dishes and must have a high-end dishwasher. Others live in humid areas and require multiple air conditioners. Aside from a fridge, only purchase kitchen tools you really need or want.

Simple is Chic (and Cheap)

More planning equals more spending. Perhaps it’s best to adopt a minimalist’s philosophy when it comes to decorating the kitchen. Sometimes less is more and looks a lot cleaner and sleeker (and cheaper). Small details, like ornate moldings, equal large sums. Simple is stylish given the right colors and room arrangement.

Features Trump Brand Names

Some shop for brand names due to the attached prestige. However, grabbing for high-end labels will quickly topple your budget. Rather than the brand, consider the features you want from a given appliance. For example, a high-end blender may work great but is not durable enough to use outdoors.

Check Out a Package Deal

Some suppliers and showrooms offer package deals for kitchen appliances. Buying in bulk can save hundreds for those who can’t seem to eliminate from a list of kitchen necessities. Also, buying a package deal helps save on delivery charges versus purchasing items from separate vendors.