It’s that time of the year when you’ve decided to make a few upgrades throughout your home. Singling out a specific room in important when considering a home improvement endeavor. When thinking more broad, the end results usually leave you feeling as if things were spread too thin. Starting small is ideal, which leads me to discuss Bathroom renovations.

Idea Board

First things first, create yourself an idea board. Call me cliche, but I was that kid who created albums dedicated to my “dream home,” etc. Sure I was considered an extremist when I jotted down attributes that made up my “dream guy,” but that is irrelevant right now. Sorting and organizing ideas are crucial when considering a project that will have lasting results at the price of your pockets depth! So picking wisely and choosing carefully can be accomplished through simple planning.


Pinterest is an on-line platform that can easily organize your thoughts and ideas into specific locations. I prefer a physical album I can touch, hold and scan through, but a lot of people find Pinterest to be just as adequate.

Dwelling Gawker

Dwelling Gawker is another online platform similar to Pinterest. Like Pinterest it organizes content in ways that are efficient and reliable. The only difference here, is that it is specifically for Home dwelling ideas! Consider giving this page a look especailly when searching for design inspiration.

Establish Sources

Once you’ve established how you are going to manage your idea board, it is time to consider your sources. Think about what style you are going for. There are specific companies that specialize in creating looks that perhaps you can relate too. Some reputable sources for home style inspiration are a perfect starting point for your idea board.


I have a feeling Houzz is going to be a timeless resource that I turn too when citing my sources. Last Christmas, I was unsure about renovating either the kitchen or guest bathroom downstairs. So, I turned too houzz, and was welcomed with open arms! I simply refined my search too Scottsdale AZ, Kitchen and Bath Designers. I am from Scottsdale, so this was a way to get Bathroom remodeling ideas in Scottsdale AZ. Go on over to each project board and choose which looks fit what you’re after. Getting a feel of what local companies offer, helps me determine the relevancy of my ideas. Remember though, don’t limit yourself to local remodeling companies. I have found this is merely a good place to start.

DIY or Hire

Lastly, once you’ve revised, edited and perfected a perfect compiliation of what you want your bathroom to look like, it is time to renovate. There are a couple ways to go about this, and that is considering lower-cost DIY options, and/or Hiring a professional to do the job for you. If you don’t trust yourself enough to fully complete a project, then consider hiring a professional with experience in the field. There are some tasks that can be handeled by learning a few DIY tips and tricks. Considering doing as much as you can, so that the costs are cut when hiring a professional to do the harder/timeless work.

Closing Thoughts

Gather your idea board and begin a fruitful opportunity in creating lasting and meaningful renovations. Good luck!


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