It is a fact before all of us that having the pests in the house is a big menace. Especially those who are very much difficult to handle like mice, termites, and bedbugs. To get rid of those is a cost of your life, yes it is that difficult to manage. Above that the chemicals or pesticides used to get rid of them is a challenging task and also if not handled properly it risks our health as well.

For that many homeowners desire a more natural approach to pest control and emphasize less on chemicals and more on natural substances. Thus, this idea somehow led to ‘green’ pest management.

Thus, below are collectives of certain tips which can guide you through pest control.

Prevention is Better than sorry

The best and natural pest control is mainly preventing of pests. Holes and cracks give the pests an entrance to your home and to avoid that your home should be securely sealed with caulk so that the movements of pests can get minimized indoors. The sources of water and food must be removed by sealing the containers tightly and repairing any water leaks around the house.

Diatomaceous – A natural pest control

Diatomaceous earth is a natural substance which feels like powder to human hands, but it cuts the insects exoskeletons like tiny knives. According to a professional pest control expert from Ace Pest Control, as their exoskeletons get cut, thus the insects suffer from dehydration and thus die.

Wash fabric with very hot water

You can heat water to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit and dip in the water the bedding, clothing and other fabrics so that you can easily kill dust mites and fleas.

Applying chalks and other home ingredients

  • It gets said that ants never cross any line of any type. You can use chalks and can be drawn continuously around windows and doors to prevent ants from entering the outlined area. Also, there is another tip of sprinkling an unbroken line of cinnamon, coffee grounds or cayenne pepper around areas where you observe ants entering.
  • Rodents and mice can get repelled by the smell of spearmint or peppermint. Some people recommend that spearmint planted continuously around a home’s foundation will turn back any mice who consider entering the home.
  • Some homeowners share their experience of applying a mix of soapy water kills pests like ladybugs, cockroaches, and other insects. This mixture can get stored in a spray bottle and can be sprayed directly onto the insects.
  • Moths are often getting repelled by the smell of juniper, lemon peels or lavender. These items can also get placed in closets and storage boxes to keep away moths and their larvae from destroying clothing.

Biological pesticides

There is a type of natural pesticide called as biological pesticide or biopesticides. It makes use of bacterial, fungal, microbial or other natural agents to combat pests. Primarily these pesticides are used for agricultural purposes, but a few markets support their use in household pest management.