If you don’t remember the heavy one-piece garage door made of timber, consider yourself fortunate. The world of garage doors has gone through some changes in the past few decades, most of them meant to reduce weight and make getting into and out of your garage more convenient in addition to making doors with sections to ease use and roll-up doors for convenience and reduced stress.

But if there’s been one change that thousands of people have taken to, it’s the automated or electrically-operated door. This change allows homeowners to get into the garage without stepping out into the rain, wind, and snow and makes it possible to close the door securely when safely inside.


When you work closely with a trusted electric garage door supplier in Basingstoke, you not only have access to electrically-operated doors but you also can talk with a representative about:

  • Roller doors
  • Retractable doors
  • Side-hinged doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Up-and-over doors

Today, automated electric doors are widely available and provide long-term, reliable performance whether installed as a replacement for an older door or as the first door in your new home.

Electric Operation

Call on the professionals for a new electric operator for your current door or for installation of a complete system. You’ll enjoy ease of use, naturally, but you will also be providing added security and safety for your family members and your possessions.

Of course, you’ll receive only garage doors and equipment of the highest quality combined with installation with the focus always on giving you the results you want and deserve.