Emergency plumbing services are often treated as a top level priority in Toronto. While a clogged shower drain or toilet can be devastating, a backed up sewer line that’s spilling contaminated water all over the house is something entirely different. If you’re experiencing such a disaster, give us a call today, and our professional team will promptly respond to your needs.

Customers in Toronto count on us every day to help when something like Emergency Plumbing in Toronto happens; it’s our duty to be available in the shortest time possible, which implies having on-call staff ready to dispatch any time of the day and night. We are well known for our 24/7 plumbing services, and our doors are always open for emergencies. And that’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to seek our assistance.

Plumbing emergency services we offer

  • Frozen lines. Frozen pipes can be potentially destructive and require urgent intervention.
  • Burst water pipes or pumps. For obvious reasons, this is something you don’t want to experience at any point of your life. If your home’s or office’s water lines have burst, quickly contact us. This is usually the result of too much pipe freezing, though it can be triggered by other factors as well.
  • Failure of the sump pumps. Sump pumps are often installed to prevent basement flooding. In the event this equipment fail, it may become impossible to contain the rising water levels. Not to mention the hazardous effects it may pose to you and your property.
  • Main drain blockage. If your home is experiencing wastewater or sewage overflows, make haste to call our emergency hotline. Such blockages are extremely severe and shouldn’t be left unattended as they can cause serious health problems and even wreck property.

Most plumbers in Toronto have years of experience and fancy their work. Once you call the emergency helpline, you can expect a qualified plumber to come and analyze your plumbing emergency after which you’ll be provided with several options available to restore your particular situation. Located in Canada, Toronto is among the best cities to live in.  From the huge skyscrapers to the lively nightlife, the city has something special for everyone. One thing for sure is that Torontonians are amazingly passionate about their town. This is precisely how we deal with our customers, especially when it comes to emergency plumbing.


Try to minimize skin contact with items that have been contaminated with dirty water. Also, all cuts and sores should be kept clean and covered .Remember to keep all soiled items away from mouth, eyes, and nose. Ensure that all items that cannot be thoroughly laundered are disposed.

As a 24/7 emergency plumbing company in Toronto, we understand the importance of timing. Our team comprises of highly trained plumbers who’re always on call and prepared to offer professional help whenever needed. When you contact our friendly technicians, they’ll be happy to advise you on the best ways to fix your problem.

The Torontonian plumbers utilize state-of-the-art equipment and materials to get the job done in the most efficient way. We pride ourselves on excellence, perfection, and integrity. So, you can depend on our devotion to your safety and satisfaction for all your emergency plumbing in Toronto needs.


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