The world can be transformed in any way if you have hold on new landscaping idea. It is both challenging and invigorating. The most important step is to design the outdoor surroundings. You can do this by studying and working on the site conditions. The solutions that are created are very effective and there are experts who will give you few tips to solve the problem of sloping yard.

You may decide to create a garden with a slope or a playing and sitting area. This is where you need retaining walls. This can turn out to be an attractive asset for your yard. This turns out to be a powerful design feature. The first thing to add such styled walls is that you have to decide where you wish to place. Once you have decided to design a wall, you have to be aware that the retaining walls holds back tremendous amount of soil. There is also a lot of water contained in it. You can build such a wall only up to 40 inches or else it will collapse.

How can you style the retaining walls?

  • There are various styles for retaining walls. Each of them requires special skill especially if you are building it yourself. There should be an appropriate strength to move the soil around.
  • The mortared wall can be either made of brick or may be concrete block. A stone may be also fixed in place with mortar. Since the rigid structure cannot withstand the heaving of soil, it has to be footed below the frost line especially for winters. You have to be sure that you have added weep holes openings for the water to drain out.
  • The dry stack wall is another design that is made carefully by stacking stones on the top of one another. They are very attractive and can blend into a natural setting. This looks better than other walls. As there is no mortar in between the stones, the water can easily pass between the stones. There is no water pressure that gets built up behind the wall.
  • The wood wall is typically made of landscape timbers. This type of wood retaining walls is quite affordable. It is also comparatively easy to build. You can experience a lot of versatility if you add seating, decorative finials or any other features. The material that is used for construction is pressure-treated lumber.
  • The wood wall is light and so you may need dead-men timbers that can be attached perpendicularly to the wall. The wall can be held stable only if there is an extended back to the soil.

Tips to choose retaining wall system

  • The concrete walls are a popular choice for the style among homeowners. They are quick to install and are built that will adapt with the ground movement. They are available in various sizes, shapes and colours. It has textures to match with the design.
  • The natural stone retaining walls is prized as timeless beauty. It shows authenticity and natural beauty. The stones that are chosen add warmth to your outdoor homes.
  • The timber and wood walls are used commonly but do not have great longevity. The homeowners are now opting for concrete rather than wooden solutions.
  • You have to be considerate while choosing the landscape overall layout. You have to decide which part you would love to enjoy as outdoor rooms.

The retaining walls are basically simple structures. But you have to be careful of the existing walls that may be bulging or cracked or leaking. The reason is that the residential buildings usually have a poor drainage. They are not constructed to handle the retaining walls. The walls will have to contain enormous load. You may even require an engineer or experienced builders to install the wall. You must be aware of these common problems.