An open fire is nice, especially in the depths of winter when it can get bitterly cold and icy. At these times, there’s nothing quite like sitting in front of a raging fire and staring into the flames as you relax in the warmth. Of course, an open fire also means some degree of maintenance, including chimney sweeping. So why is it important to have your chimney swept?

The Importance of Cleaning Out Your Chimney

Anyone with a fireplace knows that the chimney is important because it takes the smoke away from the fire and away from the home. But what happens when the chimney is clogged up? What are the risks? Consider the following:

  • Creosote: An open fire might be a lovely thing to enjoy on a cold wintry night but one of the by-products of the fire is something called creosote. This substance sticks to the inside of the chimney and coats it. Over time, this creosote makes the chimney less efficient and can even catch on fire. Having it cleaned out by one of the expert chimney sweeps in Waterlooville is essential to cutting down the risk of a fire.
  • Efficiency: If your chimney is blocked, it won’t be able to remove the smoke away from your home efficiently. This may mean not only that your fire is weak but could also mean that toxic carbon monoxide gas is building up in your home rather than being taken away by the chimney.

Keeping it Safe

We all love a nice cosy fireplace but it could be a hazard if you don’t have your chimney cleaned out at least annually. Look for any buildup of soot, a burning smell, or smoke entering the home when it shouldn’t be. In a case such as this, call your local chimney sweep right away.