Over the past few years, governments, international organisations and private companies have begun to focus considerably on the environmental impact left by the rapid pace of development. In an effort to build bigger buildings and behemoth structures, man has completely disregarded the natural environment. Jungles and forests have been cut down to pieces, destroying the natural habitat of millions of animals. Moreover, most companies have also completely disregarded the health of consumers in the process.

During the early 1900s, one of the most popular materials used for construction was asbestos. There was very little information available about whether asbestos was safe or not. Construction companies mainly used it because it was so cheap and easy to procure. It met all of the building standards at the time, and was widely used throughout the country. The same was the case with lead. It wasn’t until the end of the twentieth century when research proved that both asbestos and lead were extremely harmful to people’s health. Detailed testing revealed that people who had been exposed to lead or asbestos over a prolonged period of time had a much greater risk of developing fatal diseases, including many different forms of cancer.

In order to prevent such issues, companies such as Sers (www.sers.net.au) were created. Private site remediation and environmental service providers generally offer a wide range of services to companies, private firms and real estate investors. Here are a few things that they can do for you:


Environmental Impact Survey

How does the construction of a new factory plant or a new apartment complex affect the environment? Over the years, a number of government regulations have been introduced that builders must comply with. If you want to construct a new property, you may have to contract an environmental impact survey provider. The company will carry out detailed assessments in order to determine how the construction will affect the environment. A copy of the survey will have to be submitted to the municipal office in order to confirm that the company carried out due diligence before starting construction.

Asbestos Surveys

If you are about to buy a new building or any other piece of real estate, you need to know whether the levels of asbestos in the building are manageable or not. The company will use sophisticated equipment in order to determine the levels of asbestos in each room. Once the assessment is complete, the company will send you a detailed report of its findings. You can then review the report in order to decide whether to go ahead with the purchase or not.

Soil Testing

If you are a farm owner, you may need the services of an environmental company several times throughout the year. The quality of the soil varies depending on the materials used, as well as the time of the year. Whether you want to test the soil on your own farm or wish to scour a new piece of land, you might have to hire the company to help you out.


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