When pests get into homes, it can be an overwhelming job to get rid of them. All pests are undesired in living spaces, but ants are particularly hard to get rid of. These small creatures are very hardworking. They will march through your home looking for food and drink offerings. Since these bugs can get into most ordinary packed food items, they often are unseen until someone tries to eat that infested product. There are many varieties of ants. Each species of ants requires different approaches to eliminate. Ant queens need killed for for lasting solutions. Destroy nests or colonies, and keep food protected.

There are some things to do when ants invade your space. Keep your home clean. Ants that track into your home leave an invisible scent trail for other ants to follow. It is important to kill the seen ants, but their trail should be established in order to wipe down those tracked areas. Use a cleaner that will lift substances. Even an orderly kitchen can attract ants if tiny specks of food crumbs are left behind appliances, near baseboards and in other hidden areas. Vacuum regularly focusing on those forgotten areas where ants may lurk. Wet mop the floors often to keep sticky, sweet or other items cleaned up so ants are not drawn to it.

Determine the ant species that is the invading. Different ant varieties nest and behave differently. Smaller black ants are those ones that typically like sweet things with sugar or starch. They typically have an outdoor colony, and they come inside daily in search of food that they drag back to their nests or colonies. Seal all food in tight lidded containers and place in areas not easily accessed. Find their entry point, and then seal these areas off to prevent future problems. Odorous black ants often build nests behind walls. These pests have a rotten smell if squished. They are more difficult to get rid of as their nests may be well hidden.

While ants can be beneficial if an area has more bothersome pests, they will often attack, eat or repel bedbugs and dust mites. However, having ants inside your home presents a health risk. They can transfer garbage from their foray through your trash by their sticky legs. Call in professional Exterminators for fire ants and continuing ant problems.